Weekly newsletter 12.10-12.14

Grade 4

Key content: sentences about clothes


  • WaWaYaYa: Read at least 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list and record.
  • Read story 《到超市买东西》2 times during the week.
  • Finish 1 worksheet.

Grade 3

Key content: readings about community


  • 1. WaWaYaYa: record your reading of 2 stories in teacher recommendation list.
  • 2. Read text in 《我的社区》2 times during the week. Talk about your own community or nearby of your home.
  • 3. Practice G3 U2 I can recognize 1. The goal is to tell the English meaning and read out when looking at characters. We will have a quiz on Monday.

Grade 2

Key content: readings about after school activities


  • 1. WaWaYaYa: Record your reading of 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list. 
  • 2. Practice G2 U2 I can recognize 1. We will have  a quiz on Thursday.
  • 3. Read sentences in 《小狗学样》2 times during the week.

Grade 1

Key content: 《双双中文课本》 第十课(下),补充阅读和认字


  • 请完成练习本1B (蓝色) P21-22 Please finish workbook 1B (blue) P21-22.
  • 准备周一的听写,第十课生词。Practice for dictation for lesson 10 words on Monday. (早,好,起,起得早,树,你)
  • 请在WaWaYaYa App老师推荐的书中至少选择两本书阅读,并录音Please read at least 2 books in teacher recommendation list AND record your reading.


Key content:

  • 《四五快读》第一册第十三课
  • 绘本阅读:《鼠小弟》系列



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