Weekly newsletter 2.25-3.1

Grade 4

Key content:  story 《四条龙的故事》(story of four dragons)


  • WaWaYaYa: Read at least 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list and record.
  • I can write (in Quizlet):Practice words you missed in the last quiz. (each word 5 times on your notebook.)
  • Quizlet :Practice and test yourself and try to get 100% correct. “G4 U3 Story of four dragons”
  • Read story 《龙的由来》(The origin of dragon) 2 times. Write down the time you use to read in the reading record.

Grade 3

Key content: Chinese new year


  • WaWaYaYa: record your reading of at least 2 stories in teacher recommendation list.
  • Read《过年好》2 times during the week.
  • Practice “G3 U3 I can recognize 1”. We will have quiz for it on next Monday.
  • Write one sentence for each of the following words. Please write on your notebook.(1)…………(2) 第一次 (3) 大概

Grade 2

Key content:  story 《沙漠》


  • WaWaYaYa: Record your reading of 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list. 
  • Read sentences in《沙漠》2 times during the week.
  • Finish one worksheet.

Grade 1

Key content: parts of plants and its function; how plant connect to other living things


  • 请完成练习纸。Please finish a worksheet.
  • 请练习组词(写在家庭作业本上)。Please practice making words for each character on your homework notebook.  日、月、水、火、山、石、田、土
  • 请在WaWaYaYa App老师推荐的书中至少选择两本书阅读,并录音Please read at least 2 books in teacher recommendation list AND record your reading.


Key content:

  • 《四五快读》第一册第十八课
  • 绘本阅读:青田系列(红) 《大红狗》系列


  • 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,在成人的帮助下把信息记录在下面的表内。
  • 描红本(汉字2—红色)P22-24
  • 描红本(偏旁橙色)P11-12
  • 汉字练习十八

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