Weekly newsletter 4.22-4.26

Grade 4

Key content:  story 《明明的爱好》(Mingming’s hobby)


  • WaWaYaYa: Read at least 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list and record.
  • Read story: Read the learned story 2 times. Please write down the time you use to read.(《出去玩》《无聊的时候》)
  • Worksheet: Finish one worksheet.

Grade 3

Key content: Story 《两个新同学》(Two new students)


  • WaWaYaYa: record your reading of at least 2 stories in teacher recommendation list.
  • Read story 《我学校的科目》2 times.
  • Writing: Please use 《我学校的科目》as an example, and write your own story about subjects in school. Please write on your homework notebook. You can use the guided questions as hint and word bank to help you.

Grade 2

Key content: Story 《我的新家》


  • WaWaYaYa: Record your reading of 2 of the stories in teacher recommendation list.    
  • Read 《好朋友的生日派对》2 times during the week.
  • Finish one worksheet.

Grade 1

Key content: 《双双中文》第17


  • 请完成练习本1B (蓝色) P33-37 Please finish workbook 1B (blue) P33-37.
  • 请练习组词(写在家庭作业本上)。Please practice making words for each character on your homework notebook. ( 早、好、起、得、树、你、回、家
  • 请复习第12-16课生词,我们会抽选一些易错字听写。Please prepare for dictation for words in lesson 12-16.
  • 请在WaWaYaYa App老师推荐的书中至少选择两本书阅读,并录音Please read at least 2 books in teacher recommendation list AND record your reading.


Key content:

  • 《四五快读》第三册第二课
  • 绘本阅读:青田系列(橙) 


  • 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,在成人的帮助下把信息记录在下面的表内。
  • 描红本(汉字2—红色)P34-36
  • 描红本(偏旁橙色)P19-20
  • 汉字练习二十二

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