About Hoon

My name is Hoon.I am 10years old in China and 11years old in Korea.I went to China,Korea,USA,Canada,Japan,Saipan,Palau,Kota Kinabalu,Thailand and I am going to Cebu in Philliphins.I like airplane.I went to Korean Air,Asiana Air,United Airline,Cathypacaftic Airline,Airasia,Shanghai Airline,China Eastern Airline and sool I will be riding Cebu pacfic airline.The reason I like airplane is that I want to be a pilot.When I was in 1,2,3 I was in Korea.When I was 3 in March I went to China,Suzhou.It is good because there is many Korea restraunt.It is yummy.I like Suzhou.Suddenly I have to move to Shenzhen,China in 10years old.I thought there was a sleepover in the school but there was’nt.In 4a it was hard to make friend.In December I was a BunnyDudes36.It was funny.In my class there was Leo,Than,Aiden,Jiwon and Siddharth that were my friend.They were all funny.Even in the last day when it was almost a Chirstmas.We did Huckey.It was fun.I like Shekou International School.One thing that I don’t like is that there is no camp or sleep over.This was about Hoon.Thank you for watching this.

Playing with Wonjae

When we finish our school we get to play for 1hour.I went to his house.In Wonjae’s House we did drum,play IPad and Hide and Seek.But I wanted to ply more so I played from 3:30 to 6:30.I also did my Math homework in Wonjae’s house.He had a awesome drum.I played it.It was so fun.Because I get to play with music also.I like drum.If O buy one I want to play when I am boring.I get to also play Minecraft and little bit of Clash of Clans.It was little boring.I even eat Mango Shake.Yummy.Now I have to go to my home.It was a fun day with Wonjae.

Small Moment for Homework 9.24.2013

Title:Sleep Over with friends Part

Now we sleep.When we sleep it was uncomfortable so I just slept outside.They made a curten small.So I just slept outside where there is no curton.When we woke up Wonjae and Kevin woke me up really fast.I was really sleepy.Geon slept a lot even we tickle him.He woked up on 8:00AM.We woke up and eat our Breakfast.Then we played Minecraft.It was fun.When Kevin needed to go he went and we went to Jusco to Skate.It was fun.I had a great day playing with friend.