A lot of thanksful things

For me there are so many things that I am thanksful for. I am thankful that I go to school, I am so happy that two of my parents are surviving, sometime I fight together with my younger brother, but I love my brother. That are all of my thanksful things.

But the most thanksful thing is I have a healthy body. I can see clearly, listen well, and I could walk well with my legs. This is the most important because I know that some people don’t have leg,hand and other thing. I know that person has no leg and hand is like Nick Vujicic. I think these people was so hard to survive. But they survive finally and for us that might be telling us how to be happy. What do you think is the most thankful thing?

Unit 2 Self Reflection


I am very good at solving what is the ones,tens,hundreds and thousands.I understand when I solve these problems if there is a number like 4,567 the ones is 7.The hundreds is 5.Some time I get a little mistake but almost everytime I am correct.

I still get confused when I do U.S customary with the inches.I will ask Boey and Felix to explain it to me.If I still don’t understand I will ask Mrs.Huiet or my mom.I am having a hard time to do with this.With my Friends of my 
Teachers help I think I will understand it.

I also get confused when I do partial-sums addition method and subtraction method because for some reason I forget sometimes so I will do with the teacher or with my mom and If I know them I might teach.I sometimes don’t check my problem and get wrong so I will always try to double check my problem.I will also write it neatly to order to not get simple mistakes roung because who ever checks my paper might think 2 is a 3 so I will also double check 

Ruby Holler

Today, Our Class finished listing to Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. In the Begging it was not that hard to understand but in Middle and End was really hard to understand. I think if I have a chance I will read in Grade 7. In this Book some of the characters was bad and some were kind. It was boring but I think it was good.





Basket Ball

In Pe I did Basket Ball.It was hard because I never had a lesson before. I still try by best to do Basket Ball.There was some activities like 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 3. I was doing 2 vs 3.It was pretty hard because the defender is 2 people. I sometime miss and sometime pass it well.I thought Basket Ball was easy if you are tall but it was.In 4th grade I was bad at Basket Ball but right now I think I improve my skill.It was a fun and a tired unit.Thank you.


When I was in Grade 4 I was so bad and did not like soccer. Because the Grade 5 were so good at Soccer.In Grade 5 I really don’t know why I like Soccer. In Pe the Soccer is tired but it is fun. In our Class I think Matteo is the best. Even In Recess I play Soccer I don’t do many things like Attack and Defence but I think I improve little bit. When I finish Soccer I never be angry sometimes I might but Soccer is fun. I wish many Boys plays Soccer. Thank you.

Civilization Reflection

In my Presentation I was good at using right picture for that cultural universal. For example in Basic Needs I used a water picture to explain Basic Needs. That is my strength. Next time I will present clearly voice and not fast or not slow. Because my audience said work on this part. Next time when I do these kind of presentation I will do well on Research because I think that is the most important step. I had little bit of a hard time. But whenever I research or planing my presentation every step is important for me. So I will improve my presentation. Thank you.

Wacky Wednesday

Today was a Wacky Wendsday.I really don’t wanted to dress up.My mom said to dress up.I just did not dress up.When I went to the Class the most funniest was Leo.Because he dreesed up as a girl.I wonder how he did that.The Schedule was also wacky.We also did a Wacky Puzzle or something I forgot the name.The Math was pretty hard.Friends and Teachers helped me so I did it well.I wish next time we had this but I don’t know think we have.Because we have to work!!!.