Hoon’s Vascular Plant

Hoon’s Vascular Plant

In Science we started a new unit called vascular plant.The teacher said to do a assessment.We did it because the teacher has to know if we understand it well.I did my project in a app called Keynote.I did it in keynote because like Doodlecast is a really hard app to me.I little bit liked my project because I did not do well.This is my video I did.

New year’s Resolution

Happy new year!

In school teacher gave us a paper and we wrote what the 2 best things that happened in 2013,Something that I am going to stop doing,My 1 wish for 2014, and my goals for the year.I wrote when the teacher gave.For the 2 best things that happened in 2013 were I learned ski well because I really improved so I was happy.Another things was I improved sports because last year I was really bad at soccer but my pe teacher said you improved and you are good at soccer.For somethings that I am going to stop is Don’t forget to charge my I-Pad because in Grade 5 I pretty much forget of charge it wrong.My 1 wish for 2014 is to get a good report card for english,Chinese,Korean,music,art,and Pe.


My 4 goals for the years are

1.Get good report card.

2.Get more friends.

3.Go to Europe because I never went to Europe.

4.In Minecreaft make a awesome world.

This was my Resolution for 2014.Thank you for watching my story.

Unit 4 Self-Reflection

I am very good at using partial-quotients algorithm.In Division unit I was really bad at partial-quotients but I improved partial-quotients so I am really happy.I could help any people that does not know partial-quotients.

I am also good at writing number sentences that model number stories.I know all the Patterns,Functions,and Algebra to solve the problem.I may teach someone and I also can explain.

I still need to work on solving number sentences for given variables.The way I am going to improve is by asking my friends like Boey,Felix,and Than.If they do not know I am asking my teacher.I wish I improve.

I need to work on checking my test before give it to the teacher.Because the number sentence problem I forgot to read exactly the sentence.I will double check before I give it to my teacher.