Gregor the Overlander

Gregor of the Overlander

Finally we finished a book called Gregor of the Overlander that was by Suzane Collins. First I liked this book because I learned lots of words and it was fun. For me the best character is Gregor because he was the main character and it was funny what he did. I little bit did not understand because the words were hard. For me the interesting part or interested part was when they were sucked down to the Overland. Because when Gregor and Boot they sucked down so I liked it because it is interesting. Well Pretty much I liked the story.

What I like about Writing?

I like writing because I could write my thinking and show to all the world my writing. I also like it because it allows me to say my thinking and I just sometimes write when I get sad so I could look at it when I am like 30. I also like it because sometimes we get to read our writing that was like 30 years ago so I will think I wrote like this and I think I will be proud of my self.Finally the last thing that I like a about writing is we get to share our ideas.


Here are some things that I like about writing

My best post

My best post was Digestive and Excretory System because I think it was relevant for the audience and it was useful. I really like this post because I worked really hard on this post. If I did a again I will put a picture to explain to the audience clear and well. One thing I have to remember is to make a category. If I did a category it might have been my best work.

This is the link to the best post