A New teacher in Chinese

In Chinese Class there was a teacher. So in Chinese Class we little bit read a book and we sat on the carpet. When we say on the carpet she gave us a task. So the task was do a role play with two people. When our Chinese Teacher tried to explain she explained not well so we were really boring. Finally we understand it but it was almost the time. Then the Class ended and everyone said sorry to the teacher. This was about our new teacher in Chinese.

The countries I like

Well if you ask me what countries I like I will first say U.S.A. I like USA because the education, food, snack all of these are really good. First when I was in Grade 2 I went to San Francisco in California. I went San Francisco because to go to a summer school and in San Framcisco I went to a summer school. In USA I once ate McDonalds and it was really yummy. Also for lunch in summer school I ate Jamba Juice. I ate Jamba Juice because San Francisco was really hot. Next in the Last day in the summer school I got a Pizza ticket for me because I was good at math. But I was really angry because we didn’t went there becahse it was too far. So I just gaved up. This was about the country I like.

Next I really, really like Korea. I like Korea because in Korea the food are so delicious. I really like Bibimbap because the beef and the vegetable are so yummy. I also like Seasoned ribs because it is delicious and without this I could almost not live. In Korea the places I like are Busan the most because in nights you could watch beautiful places and in Afternoon you could go to seas. This was about Korea. I really like Korea!!!

Last of all I like Germany. I like Germany because Pretzel and Beef are epic. Especially Pretzel, Pretzels is so good to eat in Lunch and it really makes me not hungry. Also Germany there is many places to watch. The Beefs are so delicious even they are expensive.

These were the countries I like

Thank you and also when you comment please say what country and why you like.

This was Hoon.


Blog 2

Today I will talk about Blog.  First I think I could talk about the Blog Challenge we have. The challenges are really complicated and some of them are easy. The reason I like about blog is that I like the comments that the bloggers give me. I also like it because the themes are beautiful and creative. Actually I did a another theme before changing it. I changed it because I liked this theme more because it made me think of a spring instead of summer. I talked like this because Shenzhen is like summer for me. Well these are the only thing I could talk about.

Last of all thank you and have free to comment my blog.


In Shenzhen it is a good place. I will talk about Shenzhen. In Shenzhen you can go to Hongkong. The ways are you could go to Shekou Ferry Terminal and take a ship. You could even go to Hongkong Airport. Another way is to go is you go to the Shekou Port. To go you have to have a passport and you do immigration.

Another thing in Shenzhen that is good is Sea World. In there there is a lots of  Restaurant, Bar, and other things. You could sometimes watch water shows that are really cool.

Also you come to Shenzhen you could go to Window of the World. In Window of the World you could see a fake Great Wall and many other famous things. In Window of the World there is a subway so if you need to take a subway you can. Last of all Window of the World is so fun.

Well guess these are things I could tell about Shenzhen.

If I missed something you could comment and tell like what I missed.

Thank you and this was a Student Blog Challenge Post


We started a book called Cockroach it is by Laurence Yep. I read this book when I do Book Club with Alex and Devon. This book is about cockroach. Well for me I enjoy this book and I learn many new words from this book. When I finish the book I will again do a blog post about Cockroach. I will tell you what happened and what I enjoyed.

Thank you, For looking my blog

Edublog Student Challenge

Hi bloggers!

I wish you enjoy about this post. Well I did like 30 post and I want you guys to comment. I wish you comment about what I have to edit, what you learned and what you did not like. Enjoy my blog and really thank you for reading my posts. I think you will have a good week. My blog is https://share.sis.org.cn/21hk02. Thank you and have a good time on blog.


One of the hobby is to do poem. I will show my poem I did today. This poem is okay and I think it is good. This is the Poem.

Why do I feel so happy when anyone say you are good at something?

Could it be my friends say it ?
Could it be my teacher say it ?
Could it be my parents say it ?
Could it be my worst friend say it ?
Could it be a girl say it?

Why am I so happy when anyone say you are good at something.

Well this was a draft so I think it is not perfect yet.

Another prom is about I wonder… I like this poem becuase it is talking little bit about my life. This is the poem.

I wonder if Korea could win the World Cup.
I wonder it I could be a Mover and Shaker.
I wonder if I am good at soccer and I could make Korea be at least 15th of me. I wonder if I could go to Ocean Park at least once in my life. I wonder if I could have a good life. I wonder if I could go to Brazil or Argentina.
Well these are some of the things I wonder ?

This was about my poem. Thank you for watching and this was by Hoon.


Yesturday was the last day of Foodies. In foodies we made little bit delicious food. I really likes Chocolate Dessert because it was sweet and there was chocolate. For those days in Foodies I failed a lot. I failed when we made the Pancake. Our group said to put too much strawberry and a blueberry so I failed. Even Yesturday there was no eggs so who ever was in Foodies some of them got the eggs. I was little disappointed. But I think it was a good time in Foodies. If you ask me what I want to make in Foodies I want to make and eat Bretzal. Well I think this was the end. Bye Bye


Hello Audience I will talk what is fate. A fate is in Friday if you do all the homework and behave well you could get a fate. In fate you could play, learn or study. If you did not do your homework you do not have fate and you will be in the workroom and finish what you did not do. We do fate in 2:00-3:00. It looks pretty long but it is short because for me the times go so fast. For those time in Fate we did Board Game, Minecraft, and some games that are related to learning. The reason I like fate is that I could do work and play with my friends. What I little bit don’t like about fate is it is too loud so some of the people thought it was World War 3. For now on I want to get fate everyday. Thank you and this was about fate

What I like about blog

In Blog I have so many things I like about. First I like it because I could show my ideas and thoughts to the world. Another things I like about blog is that I could comment. I commented people like Boey, Felix, and May the most. I could also get ideas when I go to other people’s blog. I also like Vistor Map, Calender and other things because it is cool that I could watch how many people visited my blog. I could also share whatever about me like what I like or what place I want to go. If I have a free time I do soccer, badminton, reading and Blog. My 1 wish about blog is to get at least 200 visitors. And I think that is it. Thank you and this is what I like about blog.