Trading Simulation (Peace and Conflict)

Today in the afternoon our classroom did a Trading Simulation. The rules is if we needed 1 school teacher we had to trade what we had. First I thought it will be really fun but when I founded out how many other had, they were really rich than us. Like one group started with 100 water buckets which made our group really poor. Also no one wanted to traded with us because no one really needed what we had at the end. Still I knew from this lesson if we don’t collaborate or trade fairly with others, we will have a conflict.


This is a photo.




Hello Bloggers, Today Grade 4 and Grade 5 did a WIDA Test. This test is checking our reading skills, so that the teachers could say to the next year teacher that this student is really good at reading for a example. Anyway, In the morning I did a reading survey which said to write what books you finished, what books you read at home, what books you read at school, which author you like and why, and other question that is related to reading. It was kind of hard to answer but I think I did it okay. Than we revised, edit, and print our Persuasive Piece. While I am doing that the teacher called one of our classmates and read one page to her, and than we had to answer the questions. It was not that hard for me but I got some mistakes which was really sad for me. Even tomorrow I have to do a test which will be really hard for me. Anyway this was about WIDA, and in the comment I will talk somethings I did not talk because you might be boring. Bye Bye

Going to Middle School

Today, I went to middle school to tour and get used to the space. Actually the school was 4 floors and it had escalator. It looked like small but it was really big.

Going to middle school is not a easy thing. But I think that everyone will to it well. In middle school there is new things you are going to learn, also there will be many friends that I have to be with. Which will be hard because old brothers might do silly joke to me. I think It will be really hard.

This was about my feeling about middle school. Thank you who ever looked at this post

Art Show

Today, with Grade 4, and Grade 5 went to a art museum that had our school’s drawing. Our drawing was in a Art museum, because from Last Wednesday our Art teacher rent it a art museum for like entire 1 week. I was really happy that my art was in this art museum, because anyone could see my art, and our family could see it.

First, I liked Felix’s drawing, because h I remember Felix’s drawing a lot. Felix’s drawing that I like was spray painting. His drawing looked like him, and he drew it really well.

I liked his. He did the colors well, and I think it was really good that he drew sliver in the back of the drawing, black in his hair, gold and sliver on his face.

Second, I liked Sumin because the horse was really cool because it looked real and the horse was really beautiful. I also thought that I want to draw it, but it will be tough.

I liked the art show, and I think it was the best art show I ever went, because I think I did not go to one.

Last of all, I liked my Art teacher, because she was, so good for me before I am going to Middle School.

The Breadwinner

Today, we finished a book called The Breadwinner which is by Deborah Ellis. This book talks about the Afghanistan people’s lives. The leaders who were the Taliban did not let women and girls leave the house without a man. The girls had to cover every part of their bodies whenever they went out. And the Taliban had very strict rules for everyone.

I liked this book because it is emotional, and it was not a hard book compared to other book we read together. Actually, in this book there were many serious and sad problems. The saddest thing was when the father in this book went to the jail. The family was eating, but suddenly the Taliban soldiers came to their house and take the dad to the jail. They were really violent. I was really sad because that time I thought of my Dad, and really wished that my father did not went to jail.

I wish in Afghanistan there were no fights, or war, and I want Afghanistan to be a peaceful country because I do not want no one to get hurt and children could go to school.

Thank you for reading this book, who ever read this post please comment on how Afghanistan might be a peaceful country, or what do you feel after reading this post.

Doing my best at Blogging

Today, we do a blog post about Blogging. First, I learned how to put pictures in the blog. Actually it was really hard for me, because I kind of did not understand it. I was really proud of my self. If anyone doesn’t know it ask me in the comment.

Second, I am proud of how many posts I did. I did many accurate post, and I really like doing posts when I have free times like doing post about my day, or writing post about countries. I really enjoy writing about post.

Third, I think I really improved blogging compared Grade 4. Because now I know how to embed videos from Youtube.

Finally I like to comment. I many time comment Felix which is, Boey which is, May, Matteo which is, and Than which is

This was about doing best at blogging.

Unit 8 Assesment

In this unit we learned how to add,subtract, and multiplying fractions. It was kind of easy but subtracting the fraction was very difficult in first but it got easier.

I think I was good at adding and multiplying the fraction. I was good at it because I learned how to find the common denominator so it was easy adding. For multiplying, we just had to multiply the fraction so it was easy.

I was also good at finding the common denominator. Because when I was March I was really bad at finding the common denominator but I improved so I am really happy. If anyone needs help I could just teach or even explain it.

I think I have to still improve on subtracting the fraction. Because I still kind of get confuse so I think should ask my parents and if she does not know it I could ask Than, Chloe, Jenny, Felix, or May.

I also have to double check because I got wrong on what I was good at so next time I will triple check.

I think I was okay at this test.


Hello Blog readers I will tell about my country Korea.

First you should know that Korea’s captail city is Seoul. In Seoul you could eat a lot of stuff if you like to eat. If you are going to a trip together with a baby you could go to Seoul Land.

Next I will tell about the foods. First I most like is 막국수,춘천 닭갈비 in Chuncheon. I went there and it is really delicious. You could take a subway or a car to go to Chuncheon. Also there is 레일바이크 in Chuencheon which you could go with anyone.

Third about Korea’s sport there is takewondo,swimming,badminton and other sports. If you like winter sports you could come in 2018. Another is that Korea did a Summer Olympic and World Cup. I am really proud of Korea and I think it is a really a good country for me. Thank you and I will do more good sports.

If you have any questions ask me in the comments.

A Field Trip to Lantau Island

In May 7 and May 8 we went to Lantau Island. We went to Lantau Island for our camp. In Lantau we had a lot of fun. I most liked when boys and girls did a fight in the Sea. It was a lot of fun because the sea was really clean and the boys won but the teachers said that girls won. Second I liked my room who I slept with. I slept with Felix, Boey, Jackie, Brook, Long, Alex, Brian and me. We had a bunk bed and I slept in the first floor. Also we shared our snacks. What I think it was kind of tired was the hiking. It was kind of hard but I did it. I also thought that the rain came so it was hard and even the bus did not come for 1 hours!!!! I thought I was very good and I thanked everyone.

The sad thing about the camp is that I cried. I cried because I missed my mom, dad younger brother. I was doing a joke but I suddenly cried because I looked at Long and Brian I was so sad that I cried. Even while I was crying I though Korea friends, Than, Felix and other people because I was kind of sorry to them. But still I cried for 10 minuets and than I slept.

The thing I think I did the most best is finding my toothbrush and toothpaste. I did’nt know where was it but I found it. I was so happy. Also that we showered in older of who showers more fast and I was the 5th, or 6th to showers and making our own bed. We were a independent learner and a collaborator.

I did a good job in the camp and I also thanked everyone else.

This is the picture of my group doing the trash pick up.

Trash Pick Up

Last of all if you want to see it clearly here is a video