A Trip a Going to Nanjing (Namgueng)

Today, my father had a plan to go to Nanjing so he decided to go to Nanjing taking a train. It was really fun but I threw up so it was not that good. First, when we arrived at Nanjing we first went to the hotel called Jinling Hotel which was really good because we booked a really good room so I think that is the resason. After resting we went to this mall called Deji Mall. I liked it but since I threw up I was not aloud to eat any beef or cold things. I was really sad. The mall was big and we went to a Chinese Restaurant which was good. After eating, I went to the hotel and swam for more than 1 hour. Last of all I watched the World Cup. Thanks, and hope you enjoy the pictures.

The Picture of the Train Station


The Picture of the Mall


The Picture of the Train


2014 Summer Break

Hi, in this summer I will go to Suzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai which is all in China for 4 night 5 days. Next, I will go to Korea which is my hometown for like 1 week. After that, I will go to Atlanta which is in U.S.A for 1 month and about 2 weeks. Lastly, after coming back from Atlant, I will go to Korea, and last of all Shezhen. I think it will be fun but there are some problems.

First, in Atlanta, I need to make friends which will be a challenge.

Second, when I arrive at Shenzhen, it is the before date the school starts, so it will be tired.

Last of all, I really can not watch the Brazil World Cup which is kind of sad.

This was about it and have a nice summer

2014 Brazil World Cup

This year, there is a big festival which is 2014 Brazil World Cup. I was looking forward to this World Cup in Brazil. For my opinion I think Brazil, Spain, Germany, or Argentina will win. Still we do not know. Next, I want to talk about what compation will be the funnest. For a example, I was forwarding for England VS Italy. Which was 1 Vs 2. Also I am looking forward for Germany VS Portuagal which I am going to watch in 2 hours. Anyways, I think this will be the best World Cup ever. Thank you for watching this Blog Post.

A Tired Day in Suzhou

Today, I waked up at 5:30 to go to Wuxi. Actually I needed to go to Suzhou which is near Wuxi becuase of the visa. First, when I went to the airport, my father went to the Bussines Counter because he is a VIP. It tooked a long time. Also when our family were about to go the gate we rode a 10 RMB Car because the gate we were was to far. I really liked it. Next, we went to the airplane which was Shenzhen Airline. The seats and all of the stuffs were really good. When I arrived to Wuxi, I was really happy because I lived near Wuxi and I saw my father’s old car which was K7. When I arrived to a hotel, it was really good but there was a fire alarm [fake one], so we were not allow to go to the swimming pool so I was really sad.

After, resting at the hotel, I went to a Korean Restaurant. It was really good and I meet some people and it made me fell good. Last of all, having lunch, I rested, went to the lounge, eat dinner, and also went to a Paris Bakery. Anyway, the first summer break this year started really well.

This is the dinner.


Graduation and Pool Party

Today, in school there was a Graduation and a pool party. First, in 11:30, we went to Spah and did a graduation to go to middle school. We weared a hear like what untiversity’s weared when they graduate. We sat down and was quiet. The school princepal was saying then the stuco leader of the school also said that we really worked hard this year. And then the teachers said our names and got a certificate. The certificate was really cool and special. Finally we took some photos and do a pizza party.

Next, we did a pool party. In the pool party we dive, volleyball, and shooting people. It was fun but I got tired really fast. Still it was a good day. Thank you and this is the korean language.

제목:<졸엄식과 풀 파티> 날짜: 2014년 6월 11일 수요일

오늘은, 학교에서 졸업식과 풀 파티가 있었다. 먼저, 좁업식때는 대학생처럼 멋진 모자를 쓰고 조용히 있었다. 두 번째로, 모자를 쓰면서 1년 동안 일어난 일을 비디오를 봤다. 그 다음에, 각 선생닝이 우리의 이름을 말하고 나왔다. 나는 부끄러웠는데 기분이 좋았다. 상도 받고 악수도 받아서 좋았다. 마지막으로, 좁업식때 사진도 찍고 피자도 먹고 풀 파티가 있었다.

5학년이 풀 파티를 했다. 풀 파티에 배구도 하고 다이빙도 하고 물총도 쐈다. 재미있었고 다음 번에도 좋은 졸업식이랑 풀 파티가 있으면 좋겠다

Promise for Sumemr Holiday for Blog

Hello, the summer is coming and I want to make a promise to my audience.

My First promise is I will write more than one accurate blog post every week.

My Second promise is I will reply any comments that come during the summer.

My Third promise if you want me to visit your blog please tell me so.

My Last promise is I will never make my audience disappointed.

This was my promise. Now I will tell my wish.

My First wish is that I wish my audience say what was good and what I have to edit on that post.

My Second wish but the last wish is tell me your summer also in my comment if you can.

This was a blog post about my wishes and promises. And I wish I follow it. Thanks.

Alex’s Birthday

Today, I got invited from one of my friends, Alex. Alex is a Italian person and his father was a pilot before. First, I went to his house and ate some snacks. It was really delicious like popcorn, cupcakes, chips, and cookies. I really liked it. While we were eating we talked some funny things. And then I went to the swimming pool and played. We played some fun things but sometimes we fighted. When we finished who was invited got really hurt because he was running or something. Anyways the house was really good and their service was really good because they let it us shower. Thank you and this is the Korean language.

제목:Alex의 생일파티 날짜:6월7일

오늘은 내 친구중 한 명인 Alex가 생일파티에 초대해주었다. 초대를 받았을때 엄청 기뻤었는데 내 친구가 한 명밖에 안 와서 좀 외로웠다. Felix랑 나를 제외하고는 다 이탈리안 친구였다. 먼저, Alex 집에서 간식을 먹었다. 내가 먹은 간식은 홈메이드 케이크, 팝콘, 쿠키, 사이다랑, 콜라였다. 간식을 먹으면서 재미있는 애기를 해서 분위기가 좋아졌다. 간식을 다 먹고 나서 수영을 하러 갔다. 수영하기 위해서 Alex 부모님이 물총을 줘서 감사했다. 수영장에서 나는 유독 Felix한데 많이 쐈다. Felix가 화나서 그만했다. Felix는 화는 금방 풀었는데, 자기 할 일이 있어서 조금 먼저 집에 갔다. 수영을 다 하고 나서 집에 가려고 그랬는데 초대된 애가 다른 친구를 쏘려고 그랬는데 직원한데 쏴서 애를 때렸다. 좀 어처구니가 없어서 나는 좀 화났었다. Alex의 집에 가서 샤워를 개운하게 하고 떠났다. 친구 생일도 축하해주고, 재미있게 파티도 즐겨서 오늘은 재밌있는 날이었다.

My Plan for Summer vacation

The summer holiday is coming, most of my friends anticipate doing something awesome for the

coming break. Here are my holiday plan. For the first 4 days I will go to Suzhou. Then after that I

will go back to my hometowns, Korea. Last I will go to study in USA.

In Suzhou, I will meet my old friends, because I have studied in Suzhou for 8 years. I am so

excited to see them again. Then we will hang out and eat some famous Suzhou food. Actually the

most important thing for my family and I to do in Suzhou is updating visa.

In Korea, I will go to visit my grandparents in Suwon, and Namyangju. And I can’t wait to eat

traditional kimchi and BBQ there. Also I will hang out with my Korean friends too.

In Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I will study in the summer school there. I think this is going to be

awesome. Because I will home stay with 3 other kids in a 3 floors house! During this time, I will go

visit the coca cola headquarter and Disneyland.

As you can see, my summer holiday will be busy, and I will learn a lot of new things. For me

Suzhou is the best city in China. And Korea is also a great place. Last Atlanta is a great city in

USA. This summer holiday is going to be terrific! I can’t wait!

The Bee Movie

Today in the afternoon we watched a movie called bee movie which is related to economy. Our teacher said do not watch it in fun but I little bit watched it for fun. Actually I never knew that getting a job was hard. And I felt that the movie was the best movie that I ever watch.

This was a blog post about the bee movie and I naped which I am sorry for. And one of the job there was pollen. Anyway the movie was really good.

This is one of the picture.

The Bee Movie

Unit 9 Assessment

Finally we finished the Unit 9 Math Test. It was about finding the area, volume, and the perimeter of the shape. I first thought it was easy but it was the hardest math I ever did in my life.

First, in this unit I was good at finding if it a area or a volume. I think I was okay doing this. I could do it but I really can’t tell other classmates or people so I will try to study in my house or during the summer.

Second, I was kind of bad at identify and to organize the plot. It was easy but I did not get the rule and I am sometimes confused so this is the reason why I say that I was bad at doing this kind of thing. I will try to ask to teacher, my mom, or my friends like Felix, Boey, Than, Jenny, May or Brian.

Last of all, I was bad at calculating the area of the rectangle with a dimensions. I really don’t understand it and I think I have to improve it.

This was the hardest unit out of Grade 5 and I think it was also kind of fun.