Presentation about my Culture

Hello! My Blog readers, today you guys will know my culture very well. First, when I was about to make a keynote presentation for me it was really hard because I had 3 Cultures. They are U.S.A, China, and South Korea. I just did South Korea. For me it was really hard because I was only in South Korea for 3 years. Anyways, I asked my mom. And in the presentation I wrote down my Wordsalad, PicCollege, Invisible things, and Visible Things. First, in Invisible things I wrote down manners, religion, and greetings. For the manners you have to be super nice to a adult than you. For religion, it is Buddhist, Christian, Roman Catholicism, and non-religion believer. For the Visible Things I wrote down Kimchi, Sports, and holidays. After that, I shared my PicCollege and my WordSalad. My Project was really good and I will share about U.S.A.

Even I didn’t did the U.S.A Culture, I believe it because I lived there for 3 months, and I learned a lot of things. First, for the Visible thing is 7.4. It is the U.S.A Independence Day and I was part of that doing the fireworks. Next, visible thing is Sports like Baseball, Basketball, American FootBall, and Soccer. There are really famous and they are super good at them. The Invisible things are majority believes in god. Finally, this was a short thing about U.S.A, thank you for reading this post

This is a picture of the Coca Cola Equator.


Humanities Homework

Hello! My blog readers. Today I will share my homework that I did which was kind of hard.

1. Middle School is different because the teachers are more stricter, we don’t have times with our friends a lot, and we have more, and complex homeworkers than 5th Grader. Also we have more hard work than Elementary School so I think that is the most biggest difference for me as middle schooler. This was about the middle school difference.

2. So far I really like the lunch foods because they are really expensive but I like the tastes of the food. I also like that we have sport teams which I am happy about. The last thing I like is that we have advisory which is kind of a fun class to be.

3. In Humanities class we learned about different cultures like China, South Korea, U.S.A, e.t.c. We even did a presentation which was excited to tell to our classmates. In Literacy class we learned about writing poems which was kind of hard for me.

Now me being a middle schooler is a tough job but I think I could handle it.

Thank you for watching my blog.