Humanities Homework

Hello! My blog readers. Today I will share my homework that I did which was kind of hard.

1. Middle School is different because the teachers are more stricter, we don’t have times with our friends a lot, and we have more, and complex homeworkers than 5th Grader. Also we have more hard work than Elementary School so I think that is the most biggest difference for me as middle schooler. This was about the middle school difference.

2. So far I really like the lunch foods because they are really expensive but I like the tastes of the food. I also like that we have sport teams which I am happy about. The last thing I like is that we have advisory which is kind of a fun class to be.

3. In Humanities class we learned about different cultures like China, South Korea, U.S.A, e.t.c. We even did a presentation which was excited to tell to our classmates. In Literacy class we learned about writing poems which was kind of hard for me.

Now me being a middle schooler is a tough job but I think I could handle it.

Thank you for watching my blog.

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