Writing and Research Reflection

Hello readers today I will show a reflection. Here is the reflection. -The writing strategy I am most proud of using is organization because I used paragraphs to separate different parts or times in the story.
-In my opinion, I my best writing strategy is Lead because it will show what was happening and where the character is.
-I think the best portion of my story is the introduction of the story.

-Although, I improved a writer, I still want to work on the Elaboration because I didn’t use not much action, dialogue, thinking, and description.
-Next time I write a personal narrative, I want to try writing about Week Without Walls because it will be easy to write because I remember it really well.
-In my opinion, my writing will improve when I do things that are recent because I forget some details if I do old stories

-During research, things went well when I find it in a book because first I thought web was the best but when Ms.Walsh told me to look at the book and it helped it me.
-I think my best research skills are not finding hard sites like Wikipedia because then it is hard to understand.
-I know I can help others with finding good websites.

-The research skill I found the most challenging was if this was a good site or not.
-In the future, I know I want to learn how to read slowly better.
-Next time if I do a research project, I will have to research a lot of different sites not only Wikipedia.

And I wish I could edit what I said up there. Thank you for reading mine

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