Modern Issue (Overstudying in South Korea)

I woke up from my bed at six o’clock in the morning. As I adjusted my ties, my mother said,

“I am very proud with all the achievements that you made to become the person who you are today.” I then said, “Thanks mom.”                                                                                                                                                 The first day of everything always came to me with an excitement. Today was the first day that I started working for Samsung. When I was walking down the street, I saw a little child that reminded me of my younger days. I was thinking their parents also wanted to send their child to Samsung. Through the countless amount of effort, I received a job offer from Samsung as a full time employee when I was only a 26-year-old man. On the other hand, I always had a thought in m mind of how much my family had supported me both financially and mentally beyond what they could afford. This made me wonder if I really deserved their unconditional love and support.

As a little child, I grew up under a supportive and caring mother, who was always interested

in my education. When I first started walking, my mother led me to do some activities that were
helpful for my IQs and EQs. Further, I was sent to an English-speaking school to become more
fluent in English. Sending a child to such kindergarten was like a formula to have a successful child
to many mothers that lived in Gangnam area.
Few years later, when I first went to an English-speaking kindergarten, my friends spoke
English impressively, and I realized how it was not so difficult to them. In the kindergarten that I
went to, I could see many Korean-looking friends with a different nationality- most of them were
born outside Korea as their parents worked or studied abroad. Therefore, it was natural for them to
speak English. From that moment, a sense of desire to win developed.
A year ago going to Primary school, to become a better English-speaker, I continuously
asked my mother, “can I please have an English tutor?”
But, my mom worriedly said, “it will stress you out, honey.”
I then said “well, others do it. Why not me.”
From that time I was thinking Korean parents make their children stressful.
As I entered the primary school, I first started to play with people that were not living in my
neighborhood. I later realized that most of those kids had their parents come home late at night
while I always had my mother at home for me. Actually, when I was born my mother focused on
raising me up instead of working. Then my mother’s goal changed from reaching a success as
working woman to raising me up. Actually my mother received a good education and was in a big
company, but my father was rich enough to care for our family.  My mother also thought caring of
me was more important.
But, she slowly deduced the time to play with “those kinds of children,” later not letting me
go out to the playground with them. That time, I met my best friend, Sang Won Kim. When I think
of that time I worried if I could not see him over again. Although he lived in a completely different
environment, the welcoming environment that his mother and him had me visiting to their home.
She never asked me about which hagwon I went to and what my test results were.                                                              Rather, she asked me, “have you got some weight? How tall are you now?”
I really appreciated, and still thank her for that because she always cheer me. Even my
mother had different educating style, but my mother is still the most helpful  person in the world.
I was not always like that. I also had puberty, and I was calm and listen to my mother well
but I often talked back at her and even refused to listen to her. My mother always send me to the
best hagwons and prepared the best dishes, but that time I didn’t need any of those. Only my friends
were making me happy, and always cheering me. For the first time I didn’t go to the hagwons that
my mother decided for me, and I started hating my mother’s food.
She later told me that “those time were the worst nightmares she could have ever dreamed.”
I also want to hide my moments, but I could never get rid of those moments.
Most of the children who deviate from their normal lives are often influenced by their
friends. Sometimes, bad family relationship could make some bad result. But, even I am from a rich
family, sometimes childrens want to get attentions so they do bad things. Or, there are some people
that do horrible things. For me, I think that’s all unuseful. I was given a good house and my parents
gave me wisdom for me and I don’t think hagwons were useful to make me smarter. I didn’t actually
get how hagwon will affect my future, and it was not useful when I didn’t know what to do. That
time, my friend sent me emails a lot. But, I just thought, these emails were a trash. I then fought for
no valid reasons with a nice friend. Because of that, my parents were really angry so my parents
decided to not to allow me to hang out with him.
After that happened, I cried as if the bed floated in the sea of my tears. I didn’t know what
the answer was, and I didn’t know why I had to live. I just thought studying was just a thing, but I
didn’t what I wanted to do. So I did things I never did before, that I didn’t know it made her sad and
I just wandered around.  But, after that happened, what I talked with my parents made me a huge
She said “if you don’t know what to do, just study. Then when the chance comes to you, you
would have a higher chance.”
She was right and after couple of days there was a chance for me. This was why I am in
Samsung and I could only thank my parents for providing me this environment. I also sometimes
think, my mother is the best, because she is the one that make people think , “you are smart, nice,

from a rich family.” I don’t think like that and I have more dreams in the future. I want to pass this
to my child and think my mother gave me this environment.

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WWW story

Our school has WWW. There is an error, for no reason please understand.

Everyone blaming on me. I am just saying “it was not me that did it.” I rode my bike and I
break. I saw Brandon fell down his bike and Boey suddenly crashed with Alexandra. I was ready to
blame Boey if other people blamed. I thought what the heck happened just now. I was surprised and
kept thinking if they would blame it on me.

I was thinking “will he blame me for it,” he didn’t impressed me.
He was blaming on me. Well, he thinks I stopped on purpose which is not the truth.
I also know how to ride a bike and when I have to break. I was riding my bike and Brandon
tried to chase me. I didn’t allow him to so I tried to block the front. I then cased him but then Jiwon
was thinking I was stupid because the teacher said “no cutting lines.” While when Brandon did it he
didn’t say so because he didn’t see it.
Boey was also mad because I kept saying he made us fall which is true and he forced me to
say “you should say sorry,” for no reason. He thought like that because when I was going down with
him really fast he was suddenly slow so I tried to beat him up. Suddenly, he was hurt and started to
bleed. I didn’t know it was my fault so I just went with other friends. He then didn’t blame it on me
because his bike was bad and he only took bike for 10 times in his life.

Refugee Story

Life in Zaatari Camp (Jordan)

This is about a Refugee Camp in Jordan. I am bad at English so please understand.

My name is Andy and I am a Syrian, from an ordinary family. The news today said, “people
should leave the northern Syria.” I was in that place so we promptly packed our materials we
needed. I went out of the house. I couldn’t go back now. I am worried that my house would be
burned by the IS. Today was the day I packed my stuff and went to the Zaatari Camp.
I went to John’s, my best friend’s house before going to the Zaatari Camp. I ate my last
lunch in Syria. He was an intelligent person that was helpful and whom I hung out a lot together. I
now rode our car and went to the camp. It took about two hours. When I was getting near the camp,
I saw the sandy desert and people lining up to get water. I went into the tent: it was just one bed and
nothing. I was still happy because at least I had a place to sleep. Before I slept, I prayed for
everything to be fine to return home safely. I expected nothing bad to happen tomorrow.
I slept. The next day, the bright sun woke me up. I went outside to get some water. In the
Zaatari Camp, there were more women than men and most of the people were 12-65 years old. The
conditions were frightful: there was no internet connection, bad water condition, and no energy
supplies. I hoped for the UNHCR help us. We didn’t have any supplies and we didn’t have any
school; therefore we, couldn’t have any education.
I cried and cried because I missed my friends in Syria. Especially my best friend, John. He always
helped me and he was one of my friends that I hung out the most with.
Zaatari Refugee camp was cold, but also hot. At midnight, it’s about 18’C so sometimes I had to
cover myself with a blanket.
During the day,  it was so hot that I had to turn on the air conditioner fully on.
When I woke up, the first thing I did was showering. But, it’s hard to shower in this camp.
Sometimes I ignored my shower time because of many reasons, but every morning I really want to
have shower freely. You have to line up to get water because there is a big place that stores water
provided by UNHCR. I waited for hours and finally it was my turn. The water looked fresh enough
that our family could enjoy it.
Today I was walking and saw a hospital and a school. There were students with happy faces. I
immediately went and asked if I could sign up for the school.
They said “sure, yes.”
We have morning classes for the girls and the afternoon classes for the boys. Next day, I sent
my children to the school. I was not happy because I was worried if they could do well.
When he came from the school, he looked happy.
He said “I met some great people and it was fun.”
I was not concerned. I went to get some fresh water. The camp was the seventh biggest city
in Jordan. The camp was loud as normal because people went in and out.
Today, my son was not feeling good because of the dust from the camp. This camp was based in a
desert but UNHCR made a refugee camp that’s the biggest camp in the world.

Mind mapping

Mind Mapping Reflection (WWW)

This is my video for my Mind Mapping. It’s my draft becaus I lost my final draft. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Explain the link to your video. What is it? Describe what you did.

I did a reflection for WWW in Mind Mapping. WWW is a trip we went in the end of October to Yangshuo. We then reflected in EAP of what we did and experienced in Yangshuo. Mind Mapping is a brainstorming that is with pictures and a sentence.

2. Answer these questions. Reflect

Did you enjoy brainstorming in this way? Why or why not?

I did not enjoy brainstorming in this way. I didn’t like using the pictures and spending a lot of time. I also enjoyed drawing what I did in WWW.

How could this tool help you?

This may help me. I think using a picture and a simple sentence would be good for preparing for a test. If it’s not a test, I think it is a waste of time. Because, you need to use a lot of time. I don’t want to use this unless it’s a review for a test.

What would you do differently next time?

I think next time I will use my time wisely because I wasted time thinking of what to draw and ideas. I would also want to learn another type of brainstorming because this brainstorm took me a long time.