Refugee Story

Life in Zaatari Camp (Jordan)

This is about a Refugee Camp in Jordan. I am bad at English so please understand.

My name is Andy and I am a Syrian, from an ordinary family. The news today said, “people
should leave the northern Syria.” I was in that place so we promptly packed our materials we
needed. I went out of the house. I couldn’t go back now. I am worried that my house would be
burned by the IS. Today was the day I packed my stuff and went to the Zaatari Camp.
I went to John’s, my best friend’s house before going to the Zaatari Camp. I ate my last
lunch in Syria. He was an intelligent person that was helpful and whom I hung out a lot together. I
now rode our car and went to the camp. It took about two hours. When I was getting near the camp,
I saw the sandy desert and people lining up to get water. I went into the tent: it was just one bed and
nothing. I was still happy because at least I had a place to sleep. Before I slept, I prayed for
everything to be fine to return home safely. I expected nothing bad to happen tomorrow.
I slept. The next day, the bright sun woke me up. I went outside to get some water. In the
Zaatari Camp, there were more women than men and most of the people were 12-65 years old. The
conditions were frightful: there was no internet connection, bad water condition, and no energy
supplies. I hoped for the UNHCR help us. We didn’t have any supplies and we didn’t have any
school; therefore we, couldn’t have any education.
I cried and cried because I missed my friends in Syria. Especially my best friend, John. He always
helped me and he was one of my friends that I hung out the most with.
Zaatari Refugee camp was cold, but also hot. At midnight, it’s about 18’C so sometimes I had to
cover myself with a blanket.
During the day,  it was so hot that I had to turn on the air conditioner fully on.
When I woke up, the first thing I did was showering. But, it’s hard to shower in this camp.
Sometimes I ignored my shower time because of many reasons, but every morning I really want to
have shower freely. You have to line up to get water because there is a big place that stores water
provided by UNHCR. I waited for hours and finally it was my turn. The water looked fresh enough
that our family could enjoy it.
Today I was walking and saw a hospital and a school. There were students with happy faces. I
immediately went and asked if I could sign up for the school.
They said “sure, yes.”
We have morning classes for the girls and the afternoon classes for the boys. Next day, I sent
my children to the school. I was not happy because I was worried if they could do well.
When he came from the school, he looked happy.
He said “I met some great people and it was fun.”
I was not concerned. I went to get some fresh water. The camp was the seventh biggest city
in Jordan. The camp was loud as normal because people went in and out.
Today, my son was not feeling good because of the dust from the camp. This camp was based in a
desert but UNHCR made a refugee camp that’s the biggest camp in the world.

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