WWW story

Our school has WWW. There is an error, for no reason please understand.

Everyone blaming on me. I am just saying “it was not me that did it.” I rode my bike and I
break. I saw Brandon fell down his bike and Boey suddenly crashed with Alexandra. I was ready to
blame Boey if other people blamed. I thought what the heck happened just now. I was surprised and
kept thinking if they would blame it on me.

I was thinking “will he blame me for it,” he didn’t impressed me.
He was blaming on me. Well, he thinks I stopped on purpose which is not the truth.
I also know how to ride a bike and when I have to break. I was riding my bike and Brandon
tried to chase me. I didn’t allow him to so I tried to block the front. I then cased him but then Jiwon
was thinking I was stupid because the teacher said “no cutting lines.” While when Brandon did it he
didn’t say so because he didn’t see it.
Boey was also mad because I kept saying he made us fall which is true and he forced me to
say “you should say sorry,” for no reason. He thought like that because when I was going down with
him really fast he was suddenly slow so I tried to beat him up. Suddenly, he was hurt and started to
bleed. I didn’t know it was my fault so I just went with other friends. He then didn’t blame it on me
because his bike was bad and he only took bike for 10 times in his life.

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