Being in Atlanta

This year for my summer vacation my father planed to let me go to Atlanta. Well, I everyday told to my father I wanted to go so I went to Atlanta.

First I had a UM Service which is that the studious help me in the airplane for like 14 hours. When I arrived, to the Atlanta airport I meet some kids and parents that I am going to stay with. It was fun to meet them.

In Atlanta, I will go to Day Camp, Basketball Camp, and other good camps.

Lastly, I miss my teachers, friends, and my family but of the time some people get which is sad for me. Anyway, I am having a good time in Atlanta.

2014 Summer Break

Hi, in this summer I will go to Suzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai which is all in China for 4 night 5 days. Next, I will go to Korea which is my hometown for like 1 week. After that, I will go to Atlanta which is in U.S.A for 1 month and about 2 weeks. Lastly, after coming back from Atlant, I will go to Korea, and last of all Shezhen. I think it will be fun but there are some problems.

First, in Atlanta, I need to make friends which will be a challenge.

Second, when I arrive at Shenzhen, it is the before date the school starts, so it will be tired.

Last of all, I really can not watch the Brazil World Cup which is kind of sad.

This was about it and have a nice summer