Unit 9 Assessment

Finally we finished the Unit 9 Math Test. It was about finding the area, volume, and the perimeter of the shape. I first thought it was easy but it was the hardest math I ever did in my life.

First, in this unit I was good at finding if it a area or a volume. I think I was okay doing this. I could do it but I really can’t tell other classmates or people so I will try to study in my house or during the summer.

Second, I was kind of bad at identify and to organize the plot. It was easy but I did not get the rule and I am sometimes confused so this is the reason why I say that I was bad at doing this kind of thing. I will try to ask to teacher, my mom, or my friends like Felix, Boey, Than, Jenny, May or Brian.

Last of all, I was bad at calculating the area of the rectangle with a dimensions. I really don’t understand it and I think I have to improve it.

This was the hardest unit out of Grade 5 and I think it was also kind of fun.