The Bee Movie

Today in the afternoon we watched a movie called bee movie which is related to economy. Our teacher said do not watch it in fun but I little bit watched it for fun. Actually I never knew that getting a job was hard. And I felt that the movie was the best movie that I ever watch.

This was a blog post about the bee movie and I naped which I am sorry for. And one of the job there was pollen. Anyway the movie was really good.

This is one of the picture.

The Bee Movie

Trading Simulation (Peace and Conflict)

Today in the afternoon our classroom did a Trading Simulation. The rules is if we needed 1 school teacher we had to trade what we had. First I thought it will be really fun but when I founded out how many other┬áhad, they were really rich than us. Like one group started with 100 water buckets which made our group really poor. Also no one wanted to traded with us because no one really needed what we had at the end. Still I knew from this lesson if we don’t collaborate or trade fairly with others, we will have a conflict.


This is a photo.