2014 Summer Break

Hi, in this summer I will go to Suzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai which is all in China for 4 night 5 days. Next, I will go to Korea which is my hometown for like 1 week. After that, I will go to Atlanta which is in U.S.A for 1 month and about 2 weeks. Lastly, after coming back from Atlant, I will go to Korea, and last of all Shezhen. I think it will be fun but there are some problems.

First, in Atlanta, I need to make friends which will be a challenge.

Second, when I arrive at Shenzhen, it is the before date the school starts, so it will be tired.

Last of all, I really can not watch the Brazil World Cup which is kind of sad.

This was about it and have a nice summer

Promise for Sumemr Holiday for Blog

Hello, the summer is coming and I want to make a promise to my audience.

My First promise is I will write more than one accurate blog post every week.

My Second promise is I will reply any comments that come during the summer.

My Third promise if you want me to visit your blog please tell me so.

My Last promise is I will never make my audience disappointed.

This was my promise. Now I will tell my wish.

My First wish is that I wish my audience say what was good and what I have to edit on that post.

My Second wish but the last wish is tell me your summer also in my comment if you can.

This was a blog post about my wishes and promises. And I wish I follow it. Thanks.