Week Without Walls

Hello Readers of my blog, today I will explain, show, and tell what happened at Week Without Walls. In Week Without Walls all of the 6th graders went to a beautiful place in Hong Kong which is Lantau, Mui Wo. In Lantau, Mui Wo I stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. The first two nights we went to Medioust Camp. And the last night I went to a Camping place. And during these days we did Great Race, Kayaking, Hiking, Catapult Buliding, and Canoying.

For the first day we did Great Race. In the Great Race we needed ESLRS which are Global Citizen, Complex Thinker, and Collaborator. The Great Race was we needed to find places with only with our compass and the map of places we needed to go. First, I didn’t understand why we were doing this activity but when we went to some places then I thought why we were doing this activity. I thought that we did this activity because to improve our compass skills and improving our ESLRS. After, it was the time that we had to go to our meeting place, it was so happy. Thus, we needed our Complex Thinking skills because when we needed to decide where we needed to go first and last. And I think this Great Race was a great activity to improve our compass skills.

When we finished the Great Race, we went to the Medithoust Camp and told us who we slept with. I slept with Jiwon and Jackie who are great friends. After, we ate our dinner we did Eco friendly. It was a activity in night that with our things in our bad we needed to make a invention, school, and vehicle. I think for this activity we used our Complex Thinking skills because we needed to think really carefully how we need to make invention, school, and vehicle.

After, we went to our beds at about 9:45. And I think that I had enough sleep that day.

For the secound day, I did Kayaking which was super easy then I thought. We learned basic skills for Kayaking and went to the Sea and did Kayaking with Leanne who was a great Kayaker. For this activity it was a great experiement and we used Collaborator skill because we needed to know if we needed to do left or right.

And at night, we did night activity for a example eating banana with our legs. I think this was the best activity and we needed all ESLRS because for a example for Collaborator we needed to choose good person for that activity, that will be good at it.

For the Third Day, we did Hiking which was tired of course but I was happy when I was top of the mountain. After Hiking, we went to a camping place. We slept with 3 people or only one group of 2 people in the tent. I slept with Ryan and Andy which are really nice friends. And while I was sleeping it was hot first but it got cold after about 3 hours.

Last day, we learned how to make fire which was easy for me. And we went back to our school and I meet my mother.

I think this trip was a great trip but the bad thing was that I missed my mother’s food and smoothie that she would give me everyday. Anyways, I think this trip was a good trip.