Alex’s Birthday

Today, I got invited from one of my friends, Alex. Alex is a Italian person and his father was a pilot before. First, I went to his house and ate some snacks. It was really delicious like popcorn, cupcakes, chips, and cookies. I really liked it. While we were eating we talked some funny things. And then I went to the swimming pool and played. We played some fun things but sometimes we fighted. When we finished who was invited got really hurt because he was running or something. Anyways the house was really good and their service was really good because they let it us shower. Thank you and this is the Korean language.

제목:Alex의 생일파티 날짜:6월7일

오늘은 내 친구중 한 명인 Alex가 생일파티에 초대해주었다. 초대를 받았을때 엄청 기뻤었는데 내 친구가 한 명밖에 안 와서 좀 외로웠다. Felix랑 나를 제외하고는 다 이탈리안 친구였다. 먼저, Alex 집에서 간식을 먹었다. 내가 먹은 간식은 홈메이드 케이크, 팝콘, 쿠키, 사이다랑, 콜라였다. 간식을 먹으면서 재미있는 애기를 해서 분위기가 좋아졌다. 간식을 다 먹고 나서 수영을 하러 갔다. 수영하기 위해서 Alex 부모님이 물총을 줘서 감사했다. 수영장에서 나는 유독 Felix한데 많이 쐈다. Felix가 화나서 그만했다. Felix는 화는 금방 풀었는데, 자기 할 일이 있어서 조금 먼저 집에 갔다. 수영을 다 하고 나서 집에 가려고 그랬는데 초대된 애가 다른 친구를 쏘려고 그랬는데 직원한데 쏴서 애를 때렸다. 좀 어처구니가 없어서 나는 좀 화났었다. Alex의 집에 가서 샤워를 개운하게 하고 떠났다. 친구 생일도 축하해주고, 재미있게 파티도 즐겨서 오늘은 재밌있는 날이었다.

My Plan for Summer vacation

The summer holiday is coming, most of my friends anticipate doing something awesome for the

coming break. Here are my holiday plan. For the first 4 days I will go to Suzhou. Then after that I

will go back to my hometowns, Korea. Last I will go to study in USA.

In Suzhou, I will meet my old friends, because I have studied in Suzhou for 8 years. I am so

excited to see them again. Then we will hang out and eat some famous Suzhou food. Actually the

most important thing for my family and I to do in Suzhou is updating visa.

In Korea, I will go to visit my grandparents in Suwon, and Namyangju. And I can’t wait to eat

traditional kimchi and BBQ there. Also I will hang out with my Korean friends too.

In Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I will study in the summer school there. I think this is going to be

awesome. Because I will home stay with 3 other kids in a 3 floors house! During this time, I will go

visit the coca cola headquarter and Disneyland.

As you can see, my summer holiday will be busy, and I will learn a lot of new things. For me

Suzhou is the best city in China. And Korea is also a great place. Last Atlanta is a great city in

USA. This summer holiday is going to be terrific! I can’t wait!