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Math reflection #2

Hi guys this is my next math reflection. It is long, so you might need some time to read it

I used protractors and geometry templates well, so it was easy to answer questions quickly. I was also good at rounding numbers to the nearest place value like 88->90. I also knew the difference between scalene, isoseleses, right and equilateral triangles. I will always remember that a triangle’s angles  add up to 180 degrees. I can identify place value easily.  Some can be very long. I can identify angles like acute angles or reflex angles. I was good at drawing tessellations,  and I know that a tesselation is a pattern repeated in every direction.

I struggled at making congruent shapes. I would mix up the steps, so I would have to start over. I was also not good at identifying shapes with parellel sides. I noticed that on my pre test and my assessment. Maybe I need to ask the definition of parellel sides.

Science Assessment

Our teacher gave us a science assessment to see if we know about the circulatory system and the respiratory system. I worked together with Matteo. We did a iMovie together and we finished it early because we met on Saturday and did everything we needed. It was easy because we kept track of what words we did and we knew most of the words. We looked up some words. We got it on Youtube and I’m going to show you it. Here it is.

What I should do better is there was one part I mumbled a little bit. I would go back and make my voice loud and clear so everyone can hear.


Here is the video for my science



Haiyan Walk-a-Thon

The Philippines had the largest typhoon ever, so our school had a Walk-a-Thon to raise enough money for them. We are also having a lot of fund raisers that are going to be donated to the Philippines. Our school is SIS and we made boards that said SIS cares. I hope we can raise enough money for the Philippines to have a happy life again. I am very sad for everyone who died and all the things that were lost. Here is a video of what the Walk-a-Thon.


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