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Archive for December 6, 2013

Goal reflection

I think I achieved my long term goal because I broke my bad habit of blurting. I focused on my goal a lot, but then Mrs. Huiet told me I achieved it. I focused on it in September by concentrating on raising my hand. At the end of the day, the class would reflect on our goals. At first, I achieved my goal one day and failed the next. I had the same goal in fourth grade, but I never achieved it. 

I am really glad I stopped blurting because it’s rude to interrupt. Also, I don’t listen to instructions. My next long term goal is to always give 110% on learning. This also means I will do more than the minimum learning. I chose this goal so I can learn more. For example, when I am done my work, I read instead of sitting around for 5 minutes.

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