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Hi guys me again and on Friday we had a hour of coding. I did LifeBot because I wanted it’s badge. Here are things we reflected on.

We worked on LifeBot for hour of coding. One thing I liked about it is that there were controls and they taught us tricks. What I thought was difficult was this one level where I couldn’t get through. It was hard. I completed all the levels and for that I should get a badge. I requested one, but never got it. What I want to do next time is hopscotch. I love the app.

Science Reflection

Hi guys it’s me again and today I will show you my science reflection. Here it is.

 I did an iMovie about the digestive and excretory systems.  I liked how when I finished a scene, I would show examples or pictures of the organs.  I also liked my ending when I pretended to go to the bathroom, and I ran off. I also liked that I gave great information about the digestive and excretory system. I had a nice big bold voice, so everyone could hear what I was saying. 

My weakness was that I hesitated in some parts, and I didn’t look at the camera. My mom didn’t like that but I was nervous.   This is because I thought I would mess up and have to do it again. Next time I will try to look at the camera. I also want to stand still while I am recording. 

Science video

Hi guys it’s me again and today i have a science video



Hi guys me again, and today you will get to see my poem. here it is.


I am from my classmates in Hong Kong that are as silly and friendly as clowns and hyenas.

I am from the sweet, juicy 9 lives that I always need.

I am from my browned haired best friend
who picks me up when I am feeling down
he is as funny as a hyaena.
Calling for him to help me
Laughing when he tells me a joke

I am from the swimming pool in Parkview
where I had enough courage to do a flip for the first time.
Flying across the sky
Landing on the nice cool water
Saying “I’m doing it again”

I am from a golf ball that is Epcot center
telling history that makes me feel like I was younger.
Learning about the past
Wanting to live in a previous hard life

I am from the dangerous slippery
Flowing water slide that I loved riding.
Laughing when I get down.
Wanting to do hard tricks

I am from my mom who always tries to make me happy
Waking me up in the morning
Baking treats like cookies or brownies

I am from my mom who is kind
the dangerous slide I love,
the golf ball of time,
the flipping swimming pool,
my friend who is as funny as a hyaena
nine lives
and my classmates
That makes me who I am.

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