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Archive for December 17, 2013

Math reflection

Hi guys it’s me again and today I have another math reflection.

 I like doing division when I can use the traditional method. I didn’t like the new method because we were supposed to think in our heads how many 9s could fit in 123? I  thought this was hard. It is much easier to say how many 9s can fit in 12? 

The test asked to estimate how many inches it would be from Mumbai to Mt. Everest. I did what it said and estimated it. Then, it asked how many miles would it be in real life. The problem was that you had to measure it, and I didn’t. I didn’t read the directions carefully. My teacher said in the pretest to only do the odd numbers. I accidentally did the odd ones in the real test too. 

I was good at doing division problems with decimals. I didn’t really understand why people thought it was difficult.  I was also good at finding factors for numbers. I knew the rainbow way, and I thought it was the easiest. 

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