Shenzhen is a great city, it has modern buildings, mountains and nice beaches (Well, they used to be). But mainly, it’s a packed city. It’s actually the 12th most populated city on Earth!

Some places that are worth visiting in Shenzhen are Happy Valley, Windows of The World, OCT Bay, and the various parks spread around Shenzhen.

Happy Valley is a large theme park, located across from Windows of The World, and is accessible from the Happy Line monorail. Happy Valley is in the Nanshan district and is massive fun for the average family. I suggest the rides and water park, but the walking trails and playgrounds are old. I’ve seen something rather disgusting in the water park, but staff came immediately, and the issue was resolved. Try to go for 2 days, but you should stay in the nearby Intercontinental Hotel.

Windows of The World is also accessible from the Happy Line monorail, and is in the Nanshan district. Windows of The World has models and smaller versions of various incredibly famous world landmarks, like the mock Eiffel Tower that can be seen the moment you enter. Windows of the world is also worth a day trip, but not worth a detour.

OCT Bay is more for the shoppers in your party, it has restaurants, shops and a spectacular night show, that you should buy tickets for in advance. OCT Bay has a general mall, and then individual cottage shaped shops, restaurants and bars near the ocean. It’s very beautiful and restaurants of any kind can be found. Shoppers should also check out the main mall, and movie lovers should see movies at the huge IMAX theatre.

The parks in Shenzhen are also worth visits, from Lian Hua Shan park, to the Mangrove Bay park, they are all worthy of visits. For picnics, walks, bicycle rides and kite games, it’s a great day for fun! You should surely climb the mountains and watch the locals, because it really shows the culture of china.

But if you’re the kind of people into Bars, Coco Bar Street and Sea World are surely the places to go! Coco bar street is conveniently located in one of the larger malls in the city center, COCO Park! And sea world is right in the center of Shekou, in the Nanshan district. Sea world tends to be the general area where tourists go to, but COCO bar street has more choices, and is slightly larger. But they’re both worth a visit (if you like bars). I personally have only been to Sea World, but it was for my yoga lessons, so I don’t really have a lot to say about these places, but I’ve heard a lot about them.

Anyways, Shenzhen is really worth a visit, and if you do, be sure to visit the places I listed above!

Here are pictures of the places I talked about! (Except For Sea World & Coco Bar Street)

A Few Rides Of The Many At Happy Valley

The Main Entrance Of Windows Of The World

One Of The Larger Buildings In OCT Bay

An Ordinary Park In Shenzhen

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  1. Miss W.

    G’day Felix,
    Another great post. The closest I have been to Shenzhen is Hong Kong about 30 years ago when it was still ruled by the British. When you mentioned Happy Valley, I thought about the Happy Valley Racecourse which I went past in Hong Kong. but looking at Google maps, you are a long way from there.

    • 21yw01

      Hi Ms. W,
      It’s not far by car, only 1 hour at most, unless there is traffic, which makes it much longer.
      Thanks for the comment,

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