My Unit 7 Reflection

Last Friday, we took the unit 7 math assessment, and I thought I did quite a good job on it. It was a pretty simple unit about negative numbers, adding and subtracting negative numbers and graphs. I don’t really know how graphs and negative numbers relate, but I guess they do!

Anyways, I think my strengths during this unit were creating line graphs, adding and subtracting negative numbers to positive numbers, and adding and subtracting negative numbers to negative numbers. I thought these were my strengths because I can do them really easily. And I can do them really quick. But sometimes I get confused with the fact that a negative number has to come after in a subtraction problem to reverse the symbol. For example -8 – 7 is -15, while -8 – -7 is -1. So I made some silly errors with that.

I also made some silly errors on my tests, 3 to be exact, but that’s better than most of my tests. And I got all proficients, which is a pretty good. Mrs. Huiet said that you couldn’t get any exemplary because there was no way to show your more complex thinkings on this unit’s assessment, so all proficients was technically the best score you can get.

Anyways, this was a really fun unit.

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