Bottle Or Tap? – The Story of Drinking Water

Do you drink bottled water? Or do you drink water right from the tap? Sometimes, countries do not have clean water coming from the tap, but most countries do. So why do people still drink bottled water in the USA? And why are people scared of drinking tap water even though it has been proven to be safe to drink? And how exactly is bottled water made and recycled or dumped? We’ll take a closer look now.

Photo Credit: Musician’s Muse Via Wikimedia Commons

I first got interested in bottled water VS tap water when I watched a video on youtube called “The Story Of Bottled Water”. It showed that bottled water isn’t always as clean as it claims to be, how the bottles themselves are created and other main points that water companies don’t tell you! Large companies make us buy bottled water by doing two things, scaring us and seducing us. On the Aquafina logo, there is a picture of the sun and large mountains, but guess where aquafina’s water comes from? The same place tap water does! But the cost can be up to 1,000 times more! That is how these large companies seduce us into buying their products. They also scare us, by saying that tap water is unclean, or showing us “tests” in commercials. Which are sometimes completely false. Also, did you know the Americans produce 1 billion bottles of water a day? And you finish 1 within 2 minutes? Is such a waste of bottles necessary?

Another reason tap water is much better than bottled water is because bottled water just might not be as safe! From this article on the Daily Mail, I learned that bottled water doesn’t go through as many tests as tap water does. So your very own tap water that you are scared to drink, might be healthier than the expensive bottled water you buy! This was actually proved in a study by people in Cleveland after a water company publicly stated “At least it’s not Cleveland’s tap water!”.

Photo Credit: Eubulides Via Wikimedia Commons

So where do the bottles themselves come from? From this post on WiseGeek, you can see that plastic bottles come from fossil fuels, which are a non-renewable material, and the plastic that it creates, can never decompose when it is put in a landfill! So think about how the bottles themselves are made, not very Eco-friendly huh? So say that you recycle them, what do you expect? That they be turned into plastic bottles again? WRONG! In the US, they get taken to India, where they are turned into smaller parts to be dumped into another landfill. And in Hong Kong, it gets turned into bricks to build more buildings and destroy more animal habitats!

Photo Credit: Ranveig Via Wikimedia Commons

Some people say that bottled water is cleaner, but that is just how it looks on the outside. Companies decorate their bottles to make them look nice, but is a beautiful bottle that you’ll drink out of for 2 minutes worth all that trouble to the environment? Companies buy land to drill oil and take water from, which highly impacts the living standards of various animals and plants. The life quality of animals is terribly changed in those areas.

We have to act now to make our world a better place! If we stop drinking bottled water, factories will stop creating them and emitting poisonous gasses that create air pollution and acid rain which causes water pollution, and if we stop the factories, will there be any more people drilling for oil and disturbing the animals’ way of life? No! Let’s work together to make this world a better place, and we can start by saving money to drink tap water! It’s a win-win situation! People have to stop drinking bottled water if we want various issues to start to stop! Even one person can make a difference.

So, if you don’t trust we now, this article from The Good Human will probably convince you to. Because we have to stop bottled water. Just by refusing to drink bottled water for a day, you save some fossil fuels, and if everyone stops for a day, you would have saved enough oil to power a million cars. So think about it. Just think.

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  1. Ms. Mara

    Hello Felix,

    What an amazing post, one that I wish the whole world would read and listen to! You are right. The pollution alone from bottled water is a sad fact. How you said that we have been seduced as consumers into believing that we “need” bottled water is so true.

    I used to be one of these consumers, thinking that bottled water was “better.” After watching a documentary a few years ago, think it was called, Tapped, my family and I switched to drinking water out of the faucet (we do have a filter since the chlorine is so strong where we live), but we cannot tell a difference otherwise. Also, we have quit buying soft drinks and such, which are also bottled, and when we go places, we make sure to take water with us. If everyone would do this, what a difference it would make.

    Thank you for your contribution and awareness in making our world a better place. I am most definitely going to show your post to my daughter to remind her why bottled water is “not” friendly. She is also very earth conscious, but sometimes reminders of why we do what we do are important.

    Ms. Mara
    (homeschool mom – participating in the student blog challenge) Our class blog link:

    • Felix

      Hi Ms. Mara,

      I’ve actually been to your (and WarriorKat’s) blog multiple times, and I really like your blog! It must be hard to be a teacher and a mom at the same time, because students tend to be less obedient to their parents!


  2. Ms. Mara

    Thank You Felix,

    What a sweet comment. This is our first experience with blogging and the student blog challenge, but we have learned quite a bit. Kat’s idea with her blog is to try to make it fun, while I am trying to also make it something academic. A tough challenge. 😯

    Also, this is the first time I have looked around at your blog all the way through, and all I can say is WOW! You are quite an amazing, bright young being, full of wonderful ideas and a great talent at being able to express them so well. Well done!

    I am definitely going to have Kat check out your blog and have her add it to her sidebar of blogs to follow. She has only added one so far and has only commented on a couple blogs. She needs a little motivation on the whole commenting part.

    This is where the homeschooling part that you talked about comes in to play. Yes, it can be difficult at times to motivate my children to do everything they need to do, (like making Kat find blogs to follow and comment on them 🙂 ), but my children are wonderful, loving, and respectful to me and each other.

    There are many other rewards that come from homeschooling than just the academic side of it all, which I do constantly worry about, wondering if they are getting everything done they need to do. Fortunately, they are very bright kids, so I don’t really have to worry all that much. 🙂

    Well, I think my comment is getting a little long-winded, so I better wrap it up.

    Keep up your excellent work,
    Ms. Mara

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