My Unit 8 Math Reflection

During this math unit, we learned all about mixed numbers, multiplying mixed numbers other things related to fractions. I thought that this unit was exceptionally fun, especially converting fractions to percentage and multiplying fractions. I also really liked doing math extensions like working on Khan Academy.

On this unit, I was very good at multiplying fractions, converting fractions into mixed numbers and also doing mixed number word problems. I was good at them because I knew how to do them already, but it was still really fun to do them! Adding and subtracting mixed numbers were also easy, but I thought they were harder than multiplying decimals because you had to convert to common denominator on adding and subtracting but you don’t have to for multiplying decimals. We also converted amounts of things out of other amounts into percents, which were really fun. We had to do everything in simplest form though, which was slightly annoying because you had to convert every time.

On this unit, I was bad at listing fractions that had denominators in order from least to greatest because I take a long time to get a problem with them right. I should have used the guide on the math test, but because I didn’t, I got a slight mix-up with a problem.

I also really enjoyed doing the oral test, which included finding common denominators for numbers, percents of numbers and also multiplying mixed numbers. The oral test was slightly boring though, because it takes a long time to do one problem because you have to wait for the whole class to finish before you move on.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this unit because it was enjoyable and challenging, but also quite easy. So I think that this unit was really awesome!

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  1. Quynh-Thi (U.S.)

    Hi Felix!
    Do you like math? I honestly do not really, but I do good in it. I have SOL’s for certain subjects and is so LONG!
    Stay Happy 🙂

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