My Unit 9 Math Reflection

During this math unit, I was pretty good at finding the area of 2D shapes, and also finding the volume of 3D shapes. And because I double-checked, I only got 1 silly mistake! I wrote 5 centimeters instead of 5 inches in a problem in which I had to find the height of a prism from it’s volume and the area of the base of the prism. I thought that this unit was relatively easy, but I struggled with finding the area of scalene triangles, but when I figure it out, I thought it was actually quite simple.

I think that during this unit I was best at plotting points and connecting points on a coordinate grid, finding volume of 3D shapes, and also finding area of 2D shapes. I think so because I got all of the problems in these categories correct. I also think I was food at plotting reflections of figures on coordinate grids.

I found experimenting with coordinate grids really fun, especially ones with 4 quadrants. There were a few math pages where we plotted sailboats in different quadrants, plotted reflections of sailboats, and even made new sailboats from the original sailboat. Those were really fun because I really like experimenting with coordinate grids. I also thought the open response, where you have to explain how you solved the problems was really fun because I like writing long explanations, and you had to find out if you can get some tiles on a countertop without overlapping, getting off the countertop, or leaving extra space.

Anyways, I thought that this unit was really fun because I liked playing with coordinates, and also finding area.

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