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To whoever is reading this, YOU ARE WARNED… this piece of high quality writing contains serious laughter and mild sadness. Do not read on if you have fear of laughter and/or sadness, but seriously… who does?

Hi! I am Felix. I was born in 2003 in the fishing village of Hong Kong, wait… I got my time period wrong! Hong Kong is a HUGE city. Back to the story… I was born in Canossa Hospital and moved to Shenzhen soon after. My family is a nuclear family. That means I am the only child in the family, and that we do not live with our extended family. My dad is an entrepreneur and my mom helps him and buys stocks.

I am extremely talkative. Well, that’s just me! I talk without end sometimes, and it drives people off the wall! My nanny usually just walks away from me during my “talking streaks”, when I talk nonstop to no onein particular for a VERY long time. But hey, what’s wrong with being talkative?

Teachers say I tend to “take leadership over a group”, which just basically means I’m bossy… and I am! Sometimes that’s good, but
sometimes not so much. I usually take over when others have no idea what to do… but it’s not my fault that it happens all the time! One time something like this happened was in 4th Grade. Mr. Little wanted us to draw out some basic needs for people on a mission in space. No one in my group listened, and they wanted to draw a space shuttle. So I took over, and we ended up doing a great job!

“WHY DOES NO ONE EVER UNDERSTANDS ME?” I get frustrated over that question all the time. Whenever I put my ideas out there… it seems like someone HAS to say it is wrong! Even when it’s been proven to be right! Sometimes, when I try to help people in math, people say things like “I don’t want your help! You’re wrong!” Even after my work has been graded! It gets extremely frustrating to hear that all the time!

Moving on! I’ve always considered myself curious. Tour guides absolutely HATE me because I always give them a hard time asking questions. My tour guide from my trip to the Arctic, (His name was Damon) called me a genius and said I “beat” him. But all I did was ask him questions about Norse Mythology! When I went to the Arktikum, a science center near the border of the Arctic Circle, our guide Maria said I was much more interested in the things she had to say than other tourists were!

In my free time, I like reading, blogging, building lego sets, playing Minecraft and watching TV. I also have to practice playing the piano, but I don’t really like to.

Reading has always been an answer to sorrow, a companion through tough times. I remember locking myself in my room and just reading when my grandpa died, and crying on the thick pages of my book, my tears making wet circles on the text.

I love blogging so, so much! Blogging has been a way to express myself unlike any other. I was introduced to blogging in 2009 when I started my own blog called the Felix Daily. It was not very successful but I loved it. And recently, I started a blog in which I document my learning. Here’s a link if you want to check it out! (share.sis.org.cn/21yw01)

Some would say “School Sucks!”, but that’s not me. To me, SCHOOL IS AWESOME! I’ve enjoyed school since the second I walked into the welcoming ECLC classroom of Shekou International School. Since math is by far my favorite subject, I’m more of a classroom kid. During summers, when kids go to camp or watch TV, doing math exercises is what I do for ultimate fun! And half of my iPad apps are math related! So usually, I get pretty good grades. I like the a amount of knowledge I receive each day, not just from my teacher, but from my classmates too! But over the years, there’s been a monster that has haunted me, something I try to escape from, but fail to, it’s the monster called PE!

I’ve always been lucky with teachers. My friends always say that year after year, I always get the “best” teacher. But I don’t think it’s getting the “best” teacher that matters, it’s getting a teacher that actually loves education and teaching things to children.

If you asked me what my favorite food was, I’d take an hour to answer. Because I’m a foodie, food is more than something I just eat, but more than that, something I enjoy. I don’t eat just because I’m hungry, I eat to compare and judge taste, smell and texture.

Math and music are two things I love unimaginably . I love singing and playing piano while composing. But I don’t like practicing boring, old songs written by someone from 200 years ago. Some people would think math and music are not related, but they are. You have to calculate a lot of things when composing, you use fractions with the rhythm and notes, you use numbers with the key signature and tempo and I could say so many more ways they are related, but we have to talk about math now! I love math, especially prime numbers, decimals and the fact that numbers can go on forever in multiple ways! Decimals can go on forever, negatives go on forever, and even our regular numbers go on forever! And the simplest problems like 10 divided by 3’s decimal places go on forever! Math is truly amazing.

So… what now? Oh! I totally forgot about my friends! Well, I’ll just list ’em, but that’d be boring. So let me introduce ’em!

Walking along a sandy beach with my best friend Ansel in 2005 was an awesome experience, it was when I decided we would be BFFs, literally. I met Ansel on January 23rd 2003, 3 days after I was born, and we became friends ever since. And now, he is my BEST friend on Earth.

Boey, whom I met during my first school day at SIS, is also one of my best friends. He is a pure genius and memorized the Periodic Table at 8 years old, and is reliable for any questions you have about science, due to his knowledge of astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, zoology and many more subjects. Part of the reason Boey and I are friends is also because we go on trips together. When we went to Xiamen, we had a banana boat race with our friends Stephanie and Katrina, and we won! I really liked that day.

In my future, I plan to be a prosecutor. Because you can argue with people without getting in trouble and help innocent people defend themselves against criminals and rid the streets of people who could do harm.

Well, that’s it! Just kidding! Wait, what?! It’s over? Aww, man! Fine then. Bye! (Sobs)

Here is an educreations about my life!
My Hobbies And Interests Keynote

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  1. Devon Tai

    I really like how you said about how much you like food and sometimes eats like a hungry kid that had been trapped without food.

  2. Miss W.

    G’day Felix,
    I also ask lots of questions when on a tour and always read lots of information after it as well. Thank you for a great read on your about page.

  3. Mady

    Dear Felix,
    Good job explaining and writing about yourself! I really like that you put a lot of effort on it, and you and your friends have to keep trying in school. It is also good that you play piano and do stuff you like after school. It is also good that you love school, most kids should, too.

  4. madeline

    Dear Felix,
    I swear you are one of the coolest people I have read about on Edublogs. You did a really good job explaining what you like. I actually like a lot of the same things as you like Minecraft, food, and I also hate PE! I also love the fact that you live in Hong Kong, cause I love Hong Kong!!!

    • 21yw01

      Hi Madeline,
      I wouldn’t say I’m the coolest person on edublogs, but thanks for the comment anyways! I really like to read nice comments on my blog.

  5. Miss W.

    G’day Felix,
    Just checked your educreation – well done. Loved wanting to be a prosecutor because then you could argue with people and not get in trouble for it …

  6. Ms. Rautio's First Grade Class

    Hi Felix! We are just learning how to blog. We were impressed with your writing and we think you are interesting! Some of us are curious to know if you have a favorite joke for us first graders? Do you have beaches there? We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are surrounded by Lake Superior. We love beaches! You can visit our new site at :
    We wish you happy days!
    Ms. Rautio’s First Grade Friends

    • 21yw01

      Hi First Grade Friends!
      I’ll definitely check out your blog first thing tomorrow! I’m just about to go to bed so I won’t be able to do it today. And I don’t really have a good joke, but some of my friends have great ones! We do have beaches in Shenzhen, but unfortunately, they’ve been polluted so no one can swim in them anymore.
      Have a nice day,

    • 21yw01

      Hi Ashley,
      I would love to check out your blog. And my work isn’t usually this long, and we do have a lot in common!

  7. Alexis

    Dear Felix,
    I really enjoyed reading your About Me page. Your page was sad and funny as you said so great job! I’m greatly sorry that your grandfather died I’m glad you made it through. I also love to read and I love school as well. Do you have any other hobbies? Don’t forget to check out mt blog at http://alexisble.edublogs.org/

  8. Matthew

    Felix, that was absolutely THE BEST about me page that I have read so far. And about how you don’t like to play music from a long time ago, I feel the same way. In the end, you and I are alot alike. I am looking forward to read much of your future blogging. And please visit my blog at http://kmatthewalt.edublogs.org/

  9. Lily B.

    Hi Felix! I’m Lily. I really liked reading your about me page, and I liked that you showed the sadness, but also made something funny.

  10. Jaelyn

    Dear Felix,
    I love your blog! The All About Me post was hilarious. You a great writer too. Plus, you’ve gone through painful times but it doesn’t affect your comedy either. I hope you check out my site, jaelync6.edublogs.org Great Job!

  11. Diego

    Hello Felix

    My name is Diego, and I would just like to start off by saying that this is probably the most amazing post I’ve seen in my (short) time on Edublogs. Your work is truly amazing and it wows me how much work you put into this post. I myself am considered a good writer by friends, family, and teachers, but I have never been able to write so much in one time.
    Now, I want to tell you a bit about myself. Like you, I love eating, and I especially love Sub Sandwiches. But unlike you, I love PE and have played baseball all my life. I really hope you reply to this comment and come to my blog at diegoc8.edublogs.org


  12. Patrick

    What’s up Felix,

    I like reading your post about you. It is interesting that you have a friend who is like Albert Einstein. And it also seems you want to defend innocent people against crooks. I enjoyed reading your post and I hope you push forward in your life and reach for the stars.

  13. shantall

    Dear Felix,
    I love your all about me post. I like it because I am also a math lover.I love to do math because problem solving is my thing.Also I like how you like to eat food because your curious to now what it taste like and not just because your hungry.I personally love to cook so that is something I would do. Besides all the things you like to do in your free time, Do you like to play a sport?I love to play softball.

  14. Eric

    Felix you really put a lot of strong and good details and you made no mistakes. There is no way that you could make it better, to me. Same as diego said, this is the best post I have seen in my short time on edublogs. Can you please coment on my blog: http://ericb2.edublogs.org/

    • Felix

      Hi Eric,
      Personally, I think I can find plenty of mistakes in this piece, I wrote this a couple of years back so I think I should post a new about me.

  15. Emily

    Hi Felix! I’m Emily. I read your blog, and I have to say, I am very impressed! You wrote a lot more than I did, and have encouraged me to revisit my “About Me” page on my blog, emily716.edublogs.org
    There are a few things I saw on your page that I enjoy too, like composing. I play the piano, like you. I dislike playing a bunch of music that random dead dudes composed. Recently, I had to play a piece by Igor Stravinsky, and I hated it! It was full of random cords that clashed so badly that I wanted to cover my ears every time I practiced it.
    I find math challenging sometimes, but for the most part I can get the hang of it and get good grades.
    I absolutely love reading now, which is ironic because I never wanted to learn how to read. Seriously, when I was in first grade, I would come home every night and tell my mom that I didn’t wanna learn to read. Now I have one of the highest reading scores in 7th grade!

    Keep on blogging,

    • Felix

      Hi Emily,

      I enjoyed reading your post too! I wrote this a year ago so I do think that this needs a bit of an upgrade. I adore composing music, I recently finished composing my own original score to a musical.

      Keep Blogging!
      – Felix

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