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My Student Led Conference

Last Friday, we had a student led conference, which is like a parent conference, except it’s led by students! I had to create a keynote that showed my learning to my parents, which was quite fun to do. I also had to find pieces of work that I worked on during the year, and I also had to talk about my goals that I set at the beginning of the year, and set new ones for the last weeks of school. Boey and I sort of worked together because we gave each other ideas for what to do. 

Mainly, I talked about what I’ve learned this year, I also talked a lot about having the oppotunity to have a blog, and more importantly, a school issued iPad, at such a young age. I also talked about my goals. My original ones were to make 1 true friend and to double check my work, which I often fail to. I achieved these goals, and is set 2 new ones, the first one was to learn 5 more complex ideas of physics, but I would like to know more especially about quantum physics. The other one was to talk to people in a respectful tone, which I do pretty well. 

The conference was an overall success in my opinion because I showed my learning in a variety of subjects by showing videos I made, tests I took and my various journals. I also enjoyed just showing how school was like to my parents! I hope we get to do that next year!

My Keynote

The Shenzhen Bay Festival Choir

A few weeks ago, I auditioned for the Shenzhen Bay Choir festival. And I was notified I had made the cut 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago was my first rehearsal. And I thought it was great fun. We sang fun and simple songs, like The Beautiful Rain, and Flying Free. But we also had incredibly hard songs, like Shenzhen Bay.

I’m one of the sopranos, and I sing soprano part 1, which is the highest pitched part. In Shenzhen Bay, the notes I have to hit is above my comfort zone for just a little bit, so it’s quite hard for me to sing, and I have to hold notes for 8 beats in some parts, which is incredibly hard, and sometimes I start belting. So I have to stagger sometimes.

Something else I dislike is how easily I get distracted. By my friend Brook who is two seats next to me, and the girl who’s name I don’t know who sits next to me. I can’t keep from talking when Brook starts talking because what he says is just hilarious! And I really can’t hold trying to defend myself from the girl’s continuous insults. Like how my voice is too “opera”. but her friend next to me, who’s name I also don’t know, is quite nice, and I think she says nice things to the other girl, but I can’t be sure, because they talk in Korean. I also have to take some of the blame, because instead of trying to fix the problem, I just insult her back. So I think I should be nicer.

But overall, I really enjoy the festival choir, and I hope we do a good job representing SIS with all the other international schools that will be singing together.