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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a disease that affects neurons in your brain and spinal cord. The disease causes muscle weakness and can cause death. The ALS Association has started an Ice Bucket Challenge, where people dunk buckets of ice water on themselves to raise awareness and money. For each bucket, you can nominate 3 people for the challenge. My nominations are Ansel Y., Boey T., Fedor B., Jackie Z., Brook X. and my aunt Ann. I was nominated by my mom and we have donated money to the charity. I hope this video spreads awareness and I hope that everyone that reads this post can donate money to the ALS Association. Even though this challenge has been criticized, I believe that it has had a profound effect, raising millions of dollars just in the time in has gone viral. So, here is my attempt at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

To conclude, this challenge is VERY popular, and very high-profile celebrities have done it, maybe even your friends, teachers and parents have done it. ALS is very serious, and every dollar counts in helping conquer ALS.

Here Is A Thank You Poster From The Website!

Here Is My Ice Bucket Challenge E-Card!


Back To Blogging!

Hi everyone! I would just like to tell everyone that I am back! After taking a long, long holiday, I am all rested up and will continue to update my blog weekly! Some of the upcoming contents include quizzes, Q&A, Live Stream events, and also a new Answers With Felix series! The student challenge is also beginning soon so expect some posts on that. Also, there will be a Monthly Marvel Update video series and TV show and movie recommendations series.
(Update Video Coming Soon)

Vanda’s Youtube Channel

I was sort of forced into doing this, but since everyone is doing it, here goes. A friend, if you can call her that, created a youtube channel where she does quite a lot of things, I’m just hoping they aren’t inappropriate. If you are a kid, make sure to let your parents watch these videos before you watch them because she can be very unpredictable. Anyways, here is her youtube channel.

Lantau Trip 2014

A Slideshow Showing All Of Our Great Memories

For the last 2 days, I’ve been on Lantau Island with the rest of the 5th Grade. We went to Lantau Island to disconnect with the city, and learn more about the environment, and the issues that the environment is facing. We stayed at the YWCA Sydney Leung Holiday Lodge and went to Mui O and Pui O. Our guides were from a company called Ark Eden, which is a charity dedicated to preserving the nature, but also offer tour trips in Lantau. I was part of Group B, which didn’t have my best friend in it. I was slightly disappointed at first, but I forgot about it after the first few minutes! I did a LOT of stuff and I want to share some of the great memories with you!

Leaving SIS
Leaving SIS

Pui O
After going through customs, we (Group B) went straight to Pui O. Pui O is an amazing place, and is inhabited by… WATER BUFFALOS! They were everywhere! Originally, the buffalos were imported from Vietnam for farmers to use to grow rice. But when the farming stopped in the 1970s, the buffalos were set free and now roam around Pui O. They are fed by the locals, but they also find food for themselves. One group of buffalos has Billy the cow, who was saved years ago from dogs by locals, and thinks he is a water buffalo. I got to pet Billy, which was really quite fun.

Billy The Cow
Billy The Cow

Our guides for the day, Tom, Sue and Dina split us into groups when we got to a saltwater marsh. With Tom, we learned about the berm, which is a group of plants that hold the soil together near the beach, and start the freshwater marsh. The berm was very interesting, with strong roots and defense systems in each plants that held the soil together, and didn’t let the tides destroy the marsh. Dina taught us all about Water Buffalos, and with her, we learned about how they group and about their different habits. Dina knew a lot about the buffalos, and what she said was really interesting. Finally, we looked at birds with Sue, and observed them to see what kinds they were.

Visiting The Berm
Visiting The Berm

We then went to the beach, and we had a BLAST! We changed into our swimming gear and ran straight into the big ocean. It was fantastic! We had a water gun war, boys versus girls, and we won! But the girls falsely claimed that we “quit” and that they won! How crazy is that!?

The Beach
The Beach

We then went to the saltwater marsh to look at fiddler crabs and fish for other marsh animals. When we got there, something WILD happened! Two buffalos ran into each other and started fighting either for territory or for females. They crashed and we had to slowly walk away, but they ended the fight shortly afterwards. Dina and Sue then took us into a Mangrove forest, and we saw a few fiddler crabs. The males had 1 gigantic claw! We then fished for tiny sea animals with Tom, but we let them go because we were observers. I saw a lot of tiny animals and netted a few too! When we had to go, Tom suddenly licked a piece of poo after someone dared him to do so, which set everyone on a wild frenzy!

Finally, we walked past a river to a mountainside area. Where we again split up. Dina told us about various issues the buffalos and cattle of Lantau were facing. One of them was that people were crashing into them and blaming them for the car accident, which led to the government taking a group of cattle to Sai Kok and a group from Sai Kok to Lantau. The cattle are now in critical danger. Tom and Sue took us up a quite steep path to a little abandoned rice plot, and we learned about 3 kinds of native trees. They were very cool.

Afterwards, we packed up and went back to the YWCA camp!

The YWCA Sidney Leung Holiday Lodge was an amazing place to spend a night. Although we had to make our own beds, it was a really cool place. We all sat down on a row of steps to hear who was in our dorm, and it felt slightly like a game show because whoever got the key was “the lucky winner!” I got put in a room with Jackie, Bryan, Brook, Boey, Long, Alex and Hoon. After making our beds (we’d find out we did it awfully wrong), we put together a shower schedule and after that, everyone went to play British Bulldogs, which is an awesome game.

We had dinner in the dining hall, and although food was quite good, there was not quite enough. We had to share average sized plates of food, but it was just a fun time to chat and relax. I learned that I was going to “die” the next day, and meet CHARLIE THE POOPING GIRAFFE! And afterwards, we watched A Bug’s Life. It was a good movie and all was great… Until what I call DOOM!

Eww Boey!
Boey Trying To Touch Jackie After Licking His Hand

We went back to our dormitories and we all found a way to chat through the balconies. Some people even climbed out to get into other people’s rooms! But we slowly got tired and Mrs. Huiet had to come over and teach us how to make a bed! I read with a flashlight for a while afterwards but I got bored soon, so I stopped, and the first cry came… Alex was slightly sobbing because he missed his mom, but he stopped quite soon, until someone bursted out crying like a pig’s cry! I tried to find out what happened, but I was too tired to really care.

“Wake up… Wake up Felix! Brook is singing We Are The Champions!” Is the first thing I heard that morning. Alex woke me up but Brook’s loud singing woke up everyone in the dorm room and everyone else in every other dorm room! We had 3 people walk in and shout at him before 6:00! I thought about taking a shower, but I decided against it to count how many more people would come in!

In the morning, we cleaned up our rooms, and I did someone’s bed for them! People were “tired”, and didn’t want to do anything! I chatted with Devon and other people through the balconies, and learned that we had allegedly talked about “gay stuff”. And people were listening to us through the wall. I found that it was strange that they couldn’t name ANYTHING we talked about other than “gay stuff” and said that they didn’t know who said what. Just strange… I turned around and saw Jackie, and he tried to get me away by sticking out his tongue at me, and I pouted to make him go away, just for Brook to try to push us together! We ALMOST KISSED!

Afterwards was breakfast, and it was quite fun, except people were all obsessed with the toast and everyone finished up ALL of the two loaves on each table! I made a ham sandwich and I liked the tasty butter! I really loved the YWCA, but going to Mui O afterwards was even better!

Mui O
The next day, we packed everything up and went to the beautiful seaside town of Mui O. We got new guides, Jasmine and Kristen. They took us to a horribly polluted beach filled with trash from the great pacific trash patch. We wrote down the things we picked up for the ICC, or International Coastal Cleanup. We put our trash into one giant recyclable trash bag, and I got to be the person who recorded what we got.

Beach Cleanup
The Beach Cleanup

We then took a long, long hike up to Eden Rock, where Ark Eden is based. Did you know that poisonous caterpillars were extremely distracting when you’re trying to listen to someone about a gigantic hill you are about to climb? Well, I found out that very day. At Eden Rock, we met Ark Eden’s 8 dogs. I only remember Lucky, Spicy, Smokey, Belle and Radar. The other group got to walk them, but we didn’t. Now, to the interesting part! Jasmine told us to gather and she explained how we would go up the mountain to plant trees. At that exact time, poisonous caterpillars decided to start swinging from trees, and it really distracted our conversation!

“Ok… I’m going to die now.” was what I first thought about when I saw the dirt path leading up to the slope we were going to climb! It was so steep! I walked, or stumbled up steep paths, held ropes to climb up rocks, and even jumped across someone’s grave! The part with the rope was extremely hard, especially when we were stumbling down! The roads at the end were the worst! You had to run down because it was so steep and there was rain and mud EVERYWHERE! When we got to the top, Jasmine showed us how to plant a tree from saplings using Aaron’s sapling. We had to take the plastic sheet off, pour fertiliser into the soil, put the tree in, and then add mulch, which is just dead weeds. The views were spectacular though! I found that this was actually quite fun, but I didn’t think so when I was half falling down from the mountain when trying to go down! I had to get help from Aditi! But when I finally got down, I realised that I had actually done it, and I was so, so proud!

Planting Trees
Planting Trees

We then walked back to Eden Rock to learn about the Eco house, and go composting. We split up into 2 groups, and 1 went with Jackie, an old lady who works at Ark Eden, and the other went with Jasmine and Kristen who taught us how to compost. I went with Jasmine and Kristen first, and we went to see Charlie The Pooping Giraffe, who was actually a severely limped pig. He was limped because when he was a pet, he was taken up the mountain every day, which pigs aren’t supposed to do. We then learned how to compost, and it is surprisingly easy! All you have to do is get leaves, weed and some buffalo poop (which can be replaced). You pile them up into a container, and then you’ve got yourself a compost bin! With Jackie, we went to see the Eco house, which is a house made with recycled materials, and uses as eco-friendly products as possible. There, we found different labels about 5 main points that they used to determine what to do with the Eco House: Energy, Food and Water, Waste, Eco Products and Greening. The house had a lot of interesting things, and we were introduced to Soap Berries, which are berries that when rubbed with water, produce a soap like substance. We then had a little chunk of a sweet organic desert, and left for home! We really had a great time in Lantau, and we demonstrated all of the ESLRs, by really acting mature and appropriately.

Learning How To Compost
Learning How To Compost

The Eco House
The Eco House


Shenzhen is a great city, it has modern buildings, mountains and nice beaches (Well, they used to be). But mainly, it’s a packed city. It’s actually the 12th most populated city on Earth!

Some places that are worth visiting in Shenzhen are Happy Valley, Windows of The World, OCT Bay, and the various parks spread around Shenzhen.

Happy Valley is a large theme park, located across from Windows of The World, and is accessible from the Happy Line monorail. Happy Valley is in the Nanshan district and is massive fun for the average family. I suggest the rides and water park, but the walking trails and playgrounds are old. I’ve seen something rather disgusting in the water park, but staff came immediately, and the issue was resolved. Try to go for 2 days, but you should stay in the nearby Intercontinental Hotel.

Windows of The World is also accessible from the Happy Line monorail, and is in the Nanshan district. Windows of The World has models and smaller versions of various incredibly famous world landmarks, like the mock Eiffel Tower that can be seen the moment you enter. Windows of the world is also worth a day trip, but not worth a detour.

OCT Bay is more for the shoppers in your party, it has restaurants, shops and a spectacular night show, that you should buy tickets for in advance. OCT Bay has a general mall, and then individual cottage shaped shops, restaurants and bars near the ocean. It’s very beautiful and restaurants of any kind can be found. Shoppers should also check out the main mall, and movie lovers should see movies at the huge IMAX theatre.

The parks in Shenzhen are also worth visits, from Lian Hua Shan park, to the Mangrove Bay park, they are all worthy of visits. For picnics, walks, bicycle rides and kite games, it’s a great day for fun! You should surely climb the mountains and watch the locals, because it really shows the culture of china.

But if you’re the kind of people into Bars, Coco Bar Street and Sea World are surely the places to go! Coco bar street is conveniently located in one of the larger malls in the city center, COCO Park! And sea world is right in the center of Shekou, in the Nanshan district. Sea world tends to be the general area where tourists go to, but COCO bar street has more choices, and is slightly larger. But they’re both worth a visit (if you like bars). I personally have only been to Sea World, but it was for my yoga lessons, so I don’t really have a lot to say about these places, but I’ve heard a lot about them.

Anyways, Shenzhen is really worth a visit, and if you do, be sure to visit the places I listed above!

Here are pictures of the places I talked about! (Except For Sea World & Coco Bar Street)

A Few Rides Of The Many At Happy Valley

The Main Entrance Of Windows Of The World

One Of The Larger Buildings In OCT Bay

An Ordinary Park In Shenzhen

Thank You!

Sorry for this post being short, but I just wanted to thank you for all the support you’ve given me these last few months. I really enjoy writing on this blog. I only had 10 views for a few months, but recently my views have gone up massively. In less than 1 month, I’ve reached more than 200 views! I just expected to have 10-15 views in 8 months! Anyways, thanks for the support!

Thank You!

Sorry for this post being short, but I just wanted to thank you for all the support you’ve given me these last few months. I really enjoy writing on this blog. I only had 10 views for a few months, but recently my views have gone up massively. In less than 1 month, I’ve reached more than 200 views! I just expected to have 10-15 views in 8 months! Anyways, thanks for the support!

My High Quality Post

I think that I have quite a lot of high quality post, but my favorite (by far) is my post about Racial Discrimination. I like it because it clearly describes my opinions, how I feel about Racial Discrimination and is very in-depth. I think that my post also shows that I truly care about Racial Discrimination and that overall, it is quite powerful.
My post was about racial discrimination, and people who act in ways that reflect on their prejudicial ideas. It focused on the world in general, and some small examples around my small community in Shekou. It also showed my ideas about racial discrimination and how people should stop discriminating people because of their race, looks, height etc.
In my future blog posts, I will work on always adding an engaging picture, and make sure that my posts are engaging, and are relevant to my main idea, and that it always has a purpose. I hope that my blog posts will improve and that I can achieve these goals I have set for myself.

Well, for those who haven’t read that post, click this!

Hour Of Code

Last Friday, I completed the hour of code by I used the app Lightbot’s Hour Of Code. I liked the app very much and I got a digital certificate when I finished it. I highly recommend you use that app and watch the videos that come with it. The videos have famous people like Bill Gates, President Obama, Shakira and supporting code and talking about them.
The app had three parts, Basics, Procedure and Loop. The Basics levels were very easy but the Procedure levels was very very hard. There were 5 levels in each part. The Loop was also very very easy, almost easier that the Basics levels. You could try it out too because coding is very very important.
I found most things easy, but one level in the Procedure level really stumped me. I got help from Boey and Than and got it done, but it was very confusing. I had to light many spaces but had limited space and had to use program 1 and 2. I am not confused about it anymore but it will take a while for me to get used to coding.
I like coding a lot because we all use carefully coded applications, devices etc. but none of us know how to code! And I find controlling something to make it do interesting things really amazing! So I’ll start using and codecademy to learn more coding because I really am interested in code.
Here’s my certificate!


Racial Discrimination

Today, we talked about racial discrimination during literacy time. The grade did some activities with the kids born in the early months of the year participating in a game, and getting “extra recess” (That didn’t happen though). And the kids born in the later months not being able to participate. We also watched videos about apartheid and civil rights, a poem about Nelson Mandela and heard the I Have A Dream speech.
After watching those videos, I felt really emotional and disgusted. I was disgusted by the people who thought they were better than anybody else, when they weren’t! In fact, they were and are worse because they acted in that way. They worked hard for no gain, they went to jail for no reason, they had to sit in the back of buses. All because they were born in a different race! They didn’t choose to be born in that race. They have no reason to deserve less.
You can’t judge someone by their race! Think of how you would feel, if you were to be put in the back of a bus, put to jail for no reason! Now think about the people who had to endure that torture. Think.
Although less people show prejudice nowadays, it is still here. Like an everlasting web, winding it’s way into people. Even in the small grade 5 community. I see people being treated differently because of their race. I see people in my class looking at guards, teachers assistants, even random people on the streets and laughing. Pretending to spit on the ground. That behavior truly disgusts me!
Sometimes, I wonder why people don’t join hands in unity, but go against each other. We must learn to become brothers! To join together to create a society in which everyone can thrive. In which no one is judged. In which all live in peace. That must happen, and if it doesn’t, it will lead to a downfall.
Thank you for reading this post. I hope you stand up for people when they are being discriminated. #STOPRACISM