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Family Avatars

For the Edublogs Student Challenge, I have created avatars for both my dad and my mom. I have customized them because of various reasons. Here are my family avatars:

My Mom
I chose my mom’s background because we love going to the movies together, and then critiquing the movies afterwards. I chose a dress for her because I probably have never seen her in pants, and the color of it is white because I think white is peaceful. I decided that she would be holding me because whenever we have to hurry up she holds me so I don’t get lost.

My Dad
I chose my dad’s background because we live in a huge city, and he likes the bustling sounds all around us. I chose a black suit because as he is a businessman, he usually wears nice clothes. And I chose his hair because I’ve always wondered what he looked like with bangs.

Writing Prompt
After viewing this keynote, write up the ending and what 13 could mean. Make your story funny, or scary, or even crazy! I hope your stories will be filled with creativity!

The SIS Elementary Art Show

Today, 4th and 5th grade took a field trip to the Zai Gallery, which was showcasing artwork from every student at Shekou International School! I thought it was really cool to have my artwork hanging in a gallery, and I had 2 pieces of artwork being showcased at the gallery! I saw so much amazing artwork from everyone in Elementary School, and I even saw a few pieces from teachers!

My Zentangle Jaguar

My Spray Paint Self Portrait
My two pieces were pretty cool, and one was a project in which I carved my face by tracing it from a picture, and then I spray painted over the lines in the paper, and I decorated the new special watercolor paper with spray paint! Another one was of a jaguar in which I zentangled, which is just controlled doodling!

Some of the other amazing pieces I saw were group projects. The horse with Chinese words on it was inspired by ancient Chinese brush writing, and was created at an assembly in which I played the xylophone to accompany the students who were painting this horse. The large butterfly was a piece where students, including my best friend Boey, decorated a huge sketch of a butterfly with pictures of memories for SIS’s 25th anniversary!

The 25th Anniversary Butterfly

The Assembly Horse

The gallery that showcased our artwork was the Zai Gallery, and it was really cool! The walls were all made of bricks, but were painted white, which made them look very elegant and nice! Here are some pictures of the gallery!



Some of the other pictures were of ‘painting with lights’. Everyone did one of those! But not all of them were showcased. People created orbs, wings and wrote their names using little lights and took pictures in dark rooms, which was quite cool. I didn’t get to do one because I was making my zentangle, but I heard it was really cool!

There were also pointillism paintings, contour line drawings, spray paint drawings, and all kinds of other projects! It was a really cool experience, and I felt that it was really interesting to have our artwork being put into a gallery! I was really inspired by a painting that was inspired by another drawing by a student in the ECLC, or Early Childhood Learning Center though, which was very well drawn, but also looked like the original. I wondered how the two pieces could be similar, yet different. I was also inspired by my friend Jackie’s great picture of a old Chinese man, we were doing pictures of body parts but I guess Jackie didn’t have time because he was new! Anyways, here are the pictures of the pieces.

The Grade 3 Group Project

A Skull Pointillism Painting

Jackie’s Chinese Man

The Drawing Inspired By Someone In ECLC

Anyways, I had a great time at the gallery, and hope you like some of the amazing artwork I was blessed with being able to see!

Characteristics Of A Leader

Hi! We’ve been talking a lot about leadership, but what are some characteristics that most leaders have in common? Well, I’ll tell you some characteristics that I’ve been thinking of over the course of the week! Enjoy this post!

1. Intelligent
Many world leaders are very intelligent, they use that intelligence to become world leaders. Intelligence can be shown in many ways, it’s not limited to knowing a lot of things. For example, world leaders show their intelligence through their actions and how they solve crises and how they interact with other world leaders.


2. Brave
This is a trait that some very famous world leaders show. Bravery is often shown in a time of extreme financial or political trouble, and also shown in times of war. World leaders that are brave show this by taking risks and making difficult decisions. World leaders have to be very brave sometimes and stand up for their own country.


3. Mature
I know that this trait is shown by a lot of people, but world leaders take this to the next level. They often think about issues in an EXTREMELY mature way, and this trait is a very important one for a world leader. Maturity is displayed almost everyday by most world leaders, but some that get power through family have less maturity.


Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about characteristics of world leaders, and I hope you show some of these characteristics!

2 New Editors!

Today, I added two bloggers to my blog! Jackie from Jackie’s Maze and Brook from Awesome Brook’s Blog. They are great bloggers but they won’t write a lot because of their limited blogging time! Anyways, I hope you like their posts when they write, and I hope that I can make more connections with bloggers all over the world, because the blogging community is very very vast!
Here are pictures of them!



Field Day

Today, we participated in 10 activities for field day. It was a scorching hot day and I wish I was dead! It was torture! But the activities were great and the PE teachers did a great job preparing it. The activities were all good but my favorite was the water scooping. You had to scoop some water in a cup, pass some obstacles and then pour it into a bucket. We won, and it was awesome. The helpers were teachers and middle school students, and if a teacher hadn’t told me about the first aid station having ice, I would have been half dead! Anyways, it was a great day! (Except for it being super hot!)

A “Comic” About My Favorite Memories

It was a task from the Cougar News Blog bloggers that we create a comic of images that represent our favorite memory. The one I used for this one was staying in a glass igloo. I was in the arctic circle and it was really cold. Te comic doesn’t have any text, so you’ll have to infer what happened! Enjoy this comic!


My Favorite Childhood Memory

Hi! I’ve created an educreations showing my favorite childhood memory, but since I’m still a child, it’s only from 4 years ago. My actual most favorite memory is of my friend Boey’s birthday party (which I sort of planned), but it wasn’t that long ago. So I didn’t do it. I think the video is sort of messy, but it’s kind of funny. So I hope you enjoy this educreations!
My Favorite Childhood Memory

3 Memories I Would Delete

This week, the student blogging challenge challenges are all about memories! And my first post for this set is all about memories I would delete. I thought of quite a lot of memories I would happily delete, and then I narrowed them down to my top 3. So here are 3 memories I would very happily delete.

Let’s start with the time I threw a temper tantrum in Disneyland Hong Kong. It was 2007, and I was only 4. At that time, Disneyland was quite new, so I loved everything about it. I went around 9 times that year, and when my mom too me we had to go, I was always mad. But not as mad as the time I went crazy. That time, I ran around screaming, and I started licking the metal bars on the line, and hugging trees like environmentalists, but instead of trying to save them, trying to smash them. My mom then took me home and I got punished quite severley. And I even heard it got recorded by some tourists!

Now let’s move on. I would also delete the time I was forced to steal from classroom supplies. I was in second grade, and my “friend” said they would tell the principle to kick me out and then kill me if I didn’t steal fake money and silkworms for him from the class supplies. After a while, I told the teacher, and I wrote an apologetic letter. But I didn’t really get in big trouble, which was surprising.

Finally, I would delete the memory of eating lion, tiger, zebra, alligator and giraffe meat in South Africa. I think I was 6, and the tour we went on included a meal of “kings”, but it was so disgusting I vomited! And the sauces were also horrid. Especially the alligator sauce. My mom was lucky she was slightly sick and didn’t eat the disgusting meat!

And that’s it! The three memories I would most like to delete from my mind! I hope you’ve learned a little more about me from this post!

My Unit 5 Reflection

We recently took the math assessment for unit 5, when we got it back, I looked at it thoroughly and then I wrote this reflection on the math unit. I hope you enjoy this reflection.
I was good at many things in this unit, including making pie charts, measuring degrees, comparing fractions, converting to simplest form and other things. I made some simple errors, like writing 2 1/4 is 9/8 instead of 9/4. And I wrote 3/6 (simplest form 2/3) is equal to 3/4! What stupid mistakes!
I also made the Open Resource harder than it had to be, I measured, which wouldn’t really help my calculations, and I failed to realize it was split into fourths, and H, I and F were eighths. And E, G, B and D were 16ths, and A and C are worth 3/16s! That was really stupid of me! But after it was pointed out, I noticed it immediately!
For my oral test, I wrote 3/4 is 25%! It is obviously 75%! I laughed so hard when I saw that. I must’ve thought it was 1/4! Isn’t that just the funniest mistake that you’ve ever seen!
Since I made mistakes even though I double-checked, I think I should triple-check in the future, and when I see things that are confusing, I should take a breath, and do some other problems, and then come back to it. That usually gives me an answer.