Hello! Thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to comment on all of my post. But before you do, please read this page.

Firstly, I want to talk about your commenting word choice. Please use kind words and if you dislike a post, please tell me in a respectful way and I will try to change it to make it satisfying. That will make sure that you are not being mean to anyone, or being racist to any culture. For example, if you dislike a post I made about African food, you could comment “Hi Felix, I dislike this comment because … (Give a reason) and I hope you will change it …. (How I could change it). Sincerely, (Who you are)” That comment would be a kind one.

Secondly, when giving feedback, I would like a clear reason for why or why not you like the post so I can make it better. You can do that by first thinking before commenting. For example, I made a mistake writing about my iPad, you can correct me by saying “Hi Felix, I noticed you made a mistake … (Where) and I hope you will change it.. (How) Sincerely, (Who you are)

Thirdly, please do not ever write your address, full name or any other personal information about yourself on a comment because that could threaten your safety. When commenting, I hope you write your first name at the end of the comment, but just don’t add your last name.

Next, I hope comments are written in full sentences with correct grammar and spelling. To make sure your comments are like that, please revise and edit your comments. This would help me greatly in reading your comment. Here is a comment that hasn’t been revised and edited “Hi! I lik yur pos because it is eppc!” Here is a comment that has ” Hi! I really like your blog post because it is very detailed!”

Also, I want you to use the friendly letter format, by doing so, your comments should have a greeting, and an closing Please write your last name. This is a comment with the friendly letter format ” Hi Felix, (Greeting) I really like your post on Legos because I agree with your opinions. Sincerely, (Whoever you are). (Closing).”

Finally, I want to tell you that you have the right to say anything in your comments, but remember, what you type on your device, comes to the iPad screen of a 10 year old kid.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Here are some examples of quality comments:


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  1. Heidi Hutchison

    Dear Felix,

    My class is participating in the March 2014 Student Blogging Challenge and we see that you are as well. Thanks so much for the kind and appropriate comments you left on some of my students’ blog posts. I published a couple of them. I will not be publishing two comments you left though because I think they are not the kind of comments you talk about above. I think it is okay to disagree with someone and tell them why, but that is not what you did. I believe sarcasm can be unkind and I felt that two of your comments were sarcastic. Are there ways that you can choose your words more carefully so that your message can be heard? I love your blog and hope that we can connect via blogging in the future!


    Ms. Hutchison

    • 21yw01

      Hi Mrs. Hutchison,
      I’m sorry for being sarcastic, I’ll try using better word choice. Thank you for reminding me. Could you please tell your students I am extremely sorry?

  2. Heidi Hutchison

    Hi, Felix.

    Yes, of course I will. Thank you for taking responsibility. It shows you have great character! We look forward to seeing your writing in the future.


    Ms. Hutch

  3. 21bx01

    Hi Felix,
    My name is Brook and I like your “commenting” post, I think I know how to comment some useful stuff, and sometimes I got some bad comment in my blog, I learn a lot in your post. Sometimes you can visit my blog and I think you already visit my site before.

  4. Ebony

    Hi Felix
    I think your blog is a great idea!
    It is a great way to help people make good comments.

  5. Bella Hurtado

    Hi, Felix. My name is Bella. I am 11 years old and I am in the sixth grade. I live in California, in the U.S.A. I love to read, but my favorite subject is math. I love to play sports, especially softball. I enjoyed your blog. I think you are a great author. It is cool that you include a lot of comedy in your writing. Can you visit my blog?

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