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Bottle Or Tap? – The Story of Drinking Water

Do you drink bottled water? Or do you drink water right from the tap? Sometimes, countries do not have clean water coming from the tap, but most countries do. So why do people still drink bottled water in the USA? And why are people scared of drinking tap water even though it has been proven to be safe to drink? And how exactly is bottled water made and recycled or dumped? We’ll take a closer look now.

Photo Credit: Musician’s Muse Via Wikimedia Commons

I first got interested in bottled water VS tap water when I watched a video on youtube called “The Story Of Bottled Water”. It showed that bottled water isn’t always as clean as it claims to be, how the bottles themselves are created and other main points that water companies don’t tell you! Large companies make us buy bottled water by doing two things, scaring us and seducing us. On the Aquafina logo, there is a picture of the sun and large mountains, but guess where aquafina’s water comes from? The same place tap water does! But the cost can be up to 1,000 times more! That is how these large companies seduce us into buying their products. They also scare us, by saying that tap water is unclean, or showing us “tests” in commercials. Which are sometimes completely false. Also, did you know the Americans produce 1 billion bottles of water a day? And you finish 1 within 2 minutes? Is such a waste of bottles necessary?

Another reason tap water is much better than bottled water is because bottled water just might not be as safe! From this article on the Daily Mail, I learned that bottled water doesn’t go through as many tests as tap water does. So your very own tap water that you are scared to drink, might be healthier than the expensive bottled water you buy! This was actually proved in a study by people in Cleveland after a water company publicly stated “At least it’s not Cleveland’s tap water!”.

Photo Credit: Eubulides Via Wikimedia Commons

So where do the bottles themselves come from? From this post on WiseGeek, you can see that plastic bottles come from fossil fuels, which are a non-renewable material, and the plastic that it creates, can never decompose when it is put in a landfill! So think about how the bottles themselves are made, not very Eco-friendly huh? So say that you recycle them, what do you expect? That they be turned into plastic bottles again? WRONG! In the US, they get taken to India, where they are turned into smaller parts to be dumped into another landfill. And in Hong Kong, it gets turned into bricks to build more buildings and destroy more animal habitats!

Photo Credit: Ranveig Via Wikimedia Commons

Some people say that bottled water is cleaner, but that is just how it looks on the outside. Companies decorate their bottles to make them look nice, but is a beautiful bottle that you’ll drink out of for 2 minutes worth all that trouble to the environment? Companies buy land to drill oil and take water from, which highly impacts the living standards of various animals and plants. The life quality of animals is terribly changed in those areas.

We have to act now to make our world a better place! If we stop drinking bottled water, factories will stop creating them and emitting poisonous gasses that create air pollution and acid rain which causes water pollution, and if we stop the factories, will there be any more people drilling for oil and disturbing the animals’ way of life? No! Let’s work together to make this world a better place, and we can start by saving money to drink tap water! It’s a win-win situation! People have to stop drinking bottled water if we want various issues to start to stop! Even one person can make a difference.

So, if you don’t trust we now, this article from The Good Human will probably convince you to. Because we have to stop bottled water. Just by refusing to drink bottled water for a day, you save some fossil fuels, and if everyone stops for a day, you would have saved enough oil to power a million cars. So think about it. Just think.

Going To School

Today, I created a slideshow of pictures of people going to school from all over the world! I found most of the pictures via wikimedia commons but one is from Flikr. Since this is my first time experimenting with iPhoto, this might be slightly sloppy, so please don’t comment that it “sucked” or was “horrible” because this is my first shot. You can feel free to share your opinion about the slideshow or the music, but still follow the guidelines that I told you all about!
Click This To Get To The Slideshow! (Please Note That It Repeats Again And Again)
Photo Credits (In No Particular Order)
School Kids Going To School – Abik Through Wikimedia Commons
Zip-Lining – Magnus Manske (File Upload Bot) Through Wikimedia Commons
Going To School – Upload Bot Through Wikimedia Commons
Going To School – Christina August Through Flikr
Thai Kids Going To School – Exephyo Through Wikimedia Commons
Cable Car – Leonardolo Through Wikimedia Commons
Village Children Going To School – Foreign User Through Wikimedia Commons
New Zealand Going To School – Jorgeroyan Through Wikimedia Commons
School Rickshaw – SID Through Wikimedia Commons
Students About To Board The Bus – PRA Through Wikimedia Commons

Browsing Blogs

Today, I’ve been browsing online from the Edublogs Student Challenge student list for blogs to view and comment on. I only went through the “one, two, three” process 3 times. The “one, two, three” process is a process in which someone clicks a link from the challenge list, visits a blog on their Blogroll, and then visit a blog on their Blogroll! I did comment on some other blogs though!

The First Time
I started out by clicking on Chessa’s Silver Lining, and clicked on Adrielle’s Blog which was on her New Blogs Blogroll! On Adrielle’s Blog, I couldn’t find any blogs on her Blogroll, but I found a link to Hannah R.’s Blog on one of her posts. I commented on Hannah’s post about experiences!

The Second Time
This time, I tried going to Kendall’s Kreative Blog, and I clicked on one of his class blogs, Daisy’s Delightful Blog! Daisy had no Blogroll so I commented on her post about California! I found the post very interesting and I probably will revisit this blog because it is very cheerful and her posts are quite well-written!

The Third Time
Finally, I started on David’s Writing Depository, and then access his class blog called Mrs. Abney’s Class Blog. And I clicked on one of her fourth period blogs: Aiden’s Abnormal Blog! I commented on his post about his interests!

Anyways, that’s it for this post! See y’all next time!

Education Around The World

Looking at a photo gallery on The Guardian, I’ve been amazed. I couldn’t imagine that people who lived off of 2$ still had access to education! That really emphasizes how important education is globally! I am extremely happy that people recognize that having the right to education is an amazing thing.

I was also extremely happy to see that the amount of people who go to school. Even in rural villages, there were A LOT of students in classrooms. Although some were 1 classroom schools, I still think that the amount of people who went to school was shocking. I cannot believe that just 50-100 years ago, schools had very few people, even in the United States!

I also saw some shocking things that brought some grief to me. For example, the difference between schools in rural villages and schools in cities. Clearly shown by the Nigerian and Russian pictures, the difference between the schools is fascinating. It is also shocking that people in Russia wear Prada and other very expensive brands of clothing in school (Seriously! I wear nice clothing but never to school!), it seems like they have lost all of their youth and are already in the stages of their lives where they work so hard that they can’t sleep at night! Another sad thing I saw was the amount of people living under 2$, I knew people lived that way, but I could not even imagine so many were living that way! It really gives me an appreciation for my life.

Anyways, I really recommend that you see the gallery!

Changes In Schooling Since 1900

Today, I will take a closer look at the changes that have impacted schooling since 1900. I will mainly be focusing on the incredible changes in China’s schools. China is a country that is changing rapidly, not just in education, but also in developments and other places. Let’s travel to China in 1900!

1900s – The Chinese Qing Empire has fallen, and the citizens of China are without a common leader. Chaos erupts, and schools start closing down. The boys who went to school stay at home, and as families scatter, children are lost and families split up.

1910s – Almost nothing has changed. The Chinese people are still confused and many are homeless. Schools have started to reopen, and boys are leaving homes to go to school. But hope has gone down, since the emperor has escaped to Japan.

1920s – The individual farmers are regaining land, and landowners are starting to become governors of certain areas and adding unfair taxes to the people. Boys have to stay home and work to earn enough money for taxes. So schools become smaller, and some close down.

1930s – Two communist parties are formed, and they fight each other to gain power. Boys have to go to become soldiers, and families again scatter to escape the war.

1940s – The Second World War has erupted, and Japan has launched an attack against China, and the two parties are forced to work together to defeat the Japanese. All boys and men are taken to be soldiers, and schools completely shut down. The Japanese Imperial Army wins many battles, and takes over China’s main food sources, and people who live there are tortured and killed.

1950s – The Japanese Imperial Army is defeated, and the Gongchan party defeats the Guomin party. China is officially renamed the People’s Republic Of China, and the Guomin establish the Republic Of China in Taiwan. China closes it’s doors to other countries, and people live in hunger due to food shortages. Schools slowly reopen, but when the landowners are overthrown, large amounts of schools open, and even the girls are allowed to go to school.

1970s – China reopens it’s doors, and foreigners slowly start to enter the country. The Chinese government’s communist ways are not efficient, and the country faces a gigantic economic crisis.

1980s – China opens more and more schools, and as communism stops, the people work harder to earn money and feed their children. There are more and more students in schools and the government allows education from other places.

2000s – Hong Kong and Macau have been regained, and the government becomes open, and although the news and media are censored, information starts to become free. Schools still use harsh punishments, but schools become better.

Anyways, schools are becoming better in China. And do some research of your own to find out more!

Leprechaun’s Interview

Today, a friend of mine that hides a pot of gold interviewed me and we talked about SIS, or Shekou International School, where I go to school! I hope you like the video that he created! And I hope you learn some more about me in the video! Please feel free to give leprechaun some feedback! But don’t ask for any gold!*
Temporary Link
*A leprechaun was the first thing I thought about when doing the interview. This is not meant to be an insult to Irish people or Irish folklore. Also, please excuse my horrible accent.

Questions For My Class

Today, I asked my class (including my teacher) a series of questions related to their school day for the Edublogs Student Challenge. I enjoyed asking them these questions and made graphs afterwards. I created two pie graphs and two bar graphs using pages (even though numbers would be better for this) and I hope you like them. Please tell me what you liked or disliked about the graphs below! Here are the four graphs that I created!




Well, I hope you liked the graphs, and I have some questions for you!
1) The four questions I asked my class
2) Do you enjoy school?
3) What grade are you in? (Don’t state anything else for security reasons)

Celebrity Leaders

Being famous and being a leader are different. Some people confuse the fact that leaders can be famous with the opinion that all celebrities are leaders, which is not true. Here are some celebrities that ARE leaders!

1. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey was the first name that popped up in my head when I thought of celebrity leaders. She is empathetic, caring and can communicate well with diverse people. Oprah also is a leader because she was the first African-American TV personality, and the world’s only black billionaire. I use this as evidence for her being a leader because she broke a status quo, and by doing so, inspired countless people.


2. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a very well known actress, but she is also known as a humanitarian. Her actions to help children in Africa have made her a leader. She risks her own health to help poor children, and even adopted African children! Because of her actions, children in Africa have gotten more support and help from the general public, so that at makes her a leader.


3. Princess Diana
I know she is technically not a celebrity, but she really deserves to be on this list. Princess Diana is a major humanitarian, and did a great amount of work during her short life. She supported charities, visited starving children, and talked against a number of things, including AIDS/HIV, land mines and domestic abuse. Although her official title was Princess Diana, she didn’t enjoy it, and thought that she wasn’t a princess. She is truly one of the most respected people on earth.


Albert Einstein
Although he was a major leader in the fields of science, Albert Einstein openly spoke out against Hitler and had multiple bounties on his head. He also inspired huge amounts of scientist and famous individuals. Albert Einstein had to escape to the USA to stay alive, and he tried to help some other Jews around the world by staying optimistic even in times of extreme danger. Albert Einstein truly is a leader in many, many ways.


U2 (Bono)
U2, a band adored by people all over the world due to their wonderful songs, are leaders. They write songs that inspire people to do things and help people for freedom and democracy. Their lead singer Bono writes songs about world leaders that fought for their countries. Their music promotes ways of peace and usually does so wonderfully with amazing songs that paint a picture in your mind. Bono and the rest of the band are really leaders of the music industry.


Leadership In The Family

Leadership can truly be shown everywhere. Today, we will take a closer look at leaders within your own family! Every family has leaders, whether it’s your mom, dad, brother, sister or maybe even you! Let me start with the adults in the family!

Your parents are your first siblings and your biggest role models. They usually show very good leadership and work hard to support your family. Leadership shown by parents are often fueled by love for their children. Parents keep the family together, and (I hope) are in charge of your family. For example, if your father is a stay at home dad, they take care of you, and make sure that you are safe and happy. While your mother, who probably works in this case, makes sure you can go what you need to survive and thrive! Your parents (Again, this is an I hope situation) probably are very good leaders, and you can learn a lot from them!

To the younger leaders of the family. As explained in my last post, older siblings usually take care of you when your parents aren’t around, and although you might argue, you become great friends! You might be the oldest sibling, and you might know how it feels to show leadership in the family. But younger siblings show leadership too! Sometimes an older sibling might be really scared of something, and a younger sibling might take charge and show leadership!

Leadership is truly a very interesting thing. And I have some questions for you!
1) Have you ever shown leadership in your family?
2) How does it feel like to show leadership?
I hope these questions get a good conversation started!

Leadership Outside Of School

Leadership is not only shown in school, it is a big part of our daily lives as well! Clubs, organizations, working as a team for homework and even playing a game! Leadership can be shown everywhere! Even in the most unexpected places leadership can be shown. Let’s start with leadership in clubs, teams or games.

Clubs, teams and games usually have team leaders or some other kind of leadership role. These people are in charge of keeping the team together, choosing players and other things. These people usually have to have a strong work ethic, and are the “best” in the group. They are asked to resolve issues and are looked up upon by many of the members of the club/team.

Let’s move onto more family related leadership roles. Siblings usually can be leaders, by teaching younger siblings how to do things, being in charge when parents aren’t home, and being a role model to younger siblings. These roles aren’t chosen, but sort of an instinct that older siblings have.

Leadership really can be shown anywhere, and leadership is very important. So take on some of these roles!