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The Foodies ASA

Today was the last lesson of my favorite ASA, the foodies. I really enjoyed it because we made a variety of different foods from many different countries. I also really liked it because it was amazing fun.
We made things like Omelets, Thai noodle salads, quiches, cheese muffins and chocolate desserts. I also liked it because Ms. Walsh, who taught us, was very nice and very strict about safety.
Although I didn’t get into foodies for trimester 2, I definitely want to come back for trimester 3!

20131114-160229.jpgChocolate Dessert

Making Omelets

Last week, at the Foodies Club ASA, I made an omelet with 2 friends. It had green peppers, onions and cheese. First, it was really easy. Cutting the vegetables, putting the cheese into a cup, cracking the eggs went by in a blur. But then came cooking it. We didn’t have a pan, so we used a pot. It was so hard! I kept getting help from Mrs Walsh, so I was fine but we failed miserably and we decided the only way to save it was to make it into scrambled eggs. At the end, it was a really delicious scrambled egg and I really loved it.