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Minecraft Creative Mode For Newbies

Minecraft is a great game! I absolutely love it! But my favourite part of it is Creative Mode! I know people LOVE Survival Mode, but I’m more of a builder! So now, let’s cover the basics of Creative Mode!

1. You Can Fly Freely
In Minecraft Creative Mode, you can fly anywhere you want! You can do that because creative mode is meant for builders. And when you build, flying can REALLY help! In survival, you would have to use a staircase to get to anywhere high, but on creative, you can just fly to get to a high place!

2. You Have EVERY Block
Well…You technically have every block. You have all the blocks except for ones you have to use the /give (player name) command to get. When you check your inventory, you’ll find all the blocks. And when you click miscellaneous, you can find a search to find blocks.

3. You Still Have To Kill Mobs To Get XP
That’s right! You’re not superman! If you want to enchant something, you still have to get XP! And XP works the same. All mobs give you XP except for villagers, which you have to defend.

4. You Can Spawn Animals
You’ll see some spawn eggs in your inventory, but you might not know how to use them! Just build like a regular block and you’ll get that specific mob! Good spawning!

5. You Can Switch To Survival!
To do so, you have to turn on Cheats at the beginning, but if you didn’t, open the world to LAN and then allow cheats. The command to switch is /gamemode 1/2/3/0. /gamemode 1 is creative mode, /gamemode 2 is hardcore, /gamemode 3 is spectator (no placing blocks, go through blocks), /gamemode 0 is survival.

Anyways, this is my simple tutorial of Creative Mode! Have a nice day!


KOTOR stands for Knights of the Old Republic. It is a Jedi game. You start off with a guy or girl who lost their memory. You then go along and find people to join your party. You can say things to earn light side points or dark side points. You will be a Sith at the end if you have more on the dark side points. You will be a Jedi at the end if you have more light side points. I hope you can download the game, it’s quite expensive, but worth it!

Your party has 9 people in total at the end, but you can only take two people out at a time. At the beginning of the game, you are in Taris, and you slowly move on to other planets, where you can become a Jedi

I really enjoy playing this game, and I hope you get it!