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A Brief Introduction To Valentines Day

Valentines day was originally a day to honor St. Valentines. Well who was St. Valentines? He was the patron saint of love and he secretly wedded couples when the emperor of Rome cancelled all weddings and engagements in Rome to have a more effective army. When his actions were uncovered, he was brutally beaten and killed. February 14 was set as a day to honor him, but was not celebrated until the Middle Ages. And card giving didn’t start until the 18th century! So what you can think of now when you hear Valentines Day (roses, romantic dinners, cards etc.), are not even traditions! I hope you learned some things about Valentines Day from this post.

Welcome To Week Of Love!

Hi! Welcome to Week Of Love! Where I will post something every day of this week! The posts will all be related to Valentines, and now… Let us begin! Here is a schedule for the posts I will make!
Monday – Introduction
Tuesday – A Simple History Of Valentines Day
Wednesday – No Post
Thursday – Fun Recipes!
Friday – It’s Valentines!
Saturday – No Post
Sunday – End

New Year Resolutions

Have you ever stuck with a New Year’s Resolution? Neither have I, so I don’t set them anymore. But today in class, we made New Year’s resolutions. We folded a piece of paper in half and cut designated areas out and wrote 2 on one flap and behind that wrote 2 best things that happened in 2014, for that, I wrote going to the arctic, and meeting a famous youtuber called AntVenom on a minecraft server. On the next flap we wrote 0 and behind that wrote something we had to stop. For that I wrote that I had to stop following people and annoying them. Then, for the next flap, we wrote 1 and behind that we wrote our first wish for 2014. And I wrote that I wanted 10,000 people to visit my blog. And for the final flap, we wrote 4 and behind that our four goals for the year. Mine were to get 100,000 YouTube subscribers, read 500 Wikipedia articles, collect enough money to get a 3D printer, and to lose 20 pounds (suggested by my friend). Finally, I colored in the numbers on the flaps. Here is a picture of my final product.


Arctic Holiday

Yesterday, I came back from a ten day trip in Northern Europe. I spent 4 days inside the critic border in Finland and 6 days in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other parts of Finland. It was a very unique experience, and I enjoyed many things about it. Especially there Glass Igloos I stayed in for a night, the icebreaker ship, floating in -20 degrees (Celsius) water, visiting Rosenberg Castle and Treasury and seeing the royal crown in Denmark, seeing Santa in his official village in Rovaniemi, and crossing the arctic border!
Here are some pictures.

The Glass Igloos

Me About To Enter The Freezing Water

The Crown In The Safe Of The Rosenberg Treasury

All The Logos Of The Company Lego

Me On A Snow Mobile

Me In A Shop

Santa’s Post Office

What I Am Thankful For…

To celebrate thanksgiving, I am going to write a very special blog post, and guessing by the name of the post, you probably know what it’s going to be about! That’s right! This post will be completely focused on what I am thankful for!
I am thankful for a lot of things. But I am most thankful for my loving family, who gave me life and a wonderful childhood.
I am also thankful to my friends, who make me very happy each day, and who can bring joy to any situation.
I am thankful to everyone reading this blog post! Because it’s your support, that can make my share.sis.org.cn site, one that everyone will know!
Thank’s again for reading this post!