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AMPed Celebration

For my AMPed project, I am currently quite successful. I am successful because I have created my first cooking video, where I learn how to bake ANZAC biscuits. My advisor, Ms. Walsh, oversaw my cooking process and agreed that my cookies came out relatively successfully.

The Bee Movie – How It Relates To The Economy

Today our class watched a movie called The Bee Movie, in which bees sue human beings for taking their honey illegally. The movie had quite clear relations to the economy, uneven distribution of resources, unfair trade and even human resources/forced labour. Although the main purpose of the movie was to entertain young people, the movie also showed examples of various economical issues that countries and international corporations have.


The movie was focused on bees that worked all their lives to make honey, and humans taking the honey away from them without their knowledge and permission. That can be connected to forced labour, with the bees being the human resources, and the humans being wealthy buisness owners (technically, the humans WERE wealthy business owners).

Another connection I made from the movie is that if 1 part of the economy stops working, in this case the producers of honey (bees), there could be disastrous effects. Although the movie was extremely exaggerated, it clearly showed that even 1 tiny part of our economy (environment in the movie), could change things massively.

The movie also showed unfair trade and uneven distribution of resources when the humans had most of the honey, but the very makers of the honey were overworked, and didn’t even have most of the products they produced! This is actually a clear sign of the uneven distribution, and also the unfair trade between humans and bees.

Anyways, the movie was generally entertaining, although extremely impossible (I didn’t even count the talking animals!), and there was a lot of conflict in the movie, with bees using the humans towards the end, but it ended in peace, and the bees returned the flowers, but also learned to rest more.

Once Upon A Time

“The queen might be evil, but I’m wicked! And wicked always wins!”
-The Wicked Witch Of The West
A quote from one of my favorite TV shows of all time…. Once Upon A Time! It’s an amazing show because it brings all of our favorite fairy tales into the modern world, but they are trapped. By the evil queen Regina, in the town of Storybrooke. Until the savior, which happens to be the child of Snow White, comes and saves them. The main characters are Emma Swan (the savior), Henry Mills (Emma’s son that she put up for adoption), Regina Mills (The Evil Queen), Rumplestiltskin and Neal Cassidy (Henry’s dad and Rumple’s son). The show also is including many disney characters, Elsa and Anna from Frozen have been mentioned by the directors, and Jafar has already been out into a spin off, called Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. And Princess Aurora, who is sleeping beauty, is a recurring character.

The newest character right now is the Wicked Witch Of The West, who was added in last Sunday, and almost nothing is known about her except this quote, and viewers are saying she hates Regina, who recently became good. I really hope this series goes on for a long time, because it is just amazing! If you are interested, I highly recommend the show.

Here is a promo picture for the second part of season 3:


Arctic Holiday

Yesterday, I came back from a ten day trip in Northern Europe. I spent 4 days inside the critic border in Finland and 6 days in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other parts of Finland. It was a very unique experience, and I enjoyed many things about it. Especially there Glass Igloos I stayed in for a night, the icebreaker ship, floating in -20 degrees (Celsius) water, visiting Rosenberg Castle and Treasury and seeing the royal crown in Denmark, seeing Santa in his official village in Rovaniemi, and crossing the arctic border!
Here are some pictures.

The Glass Igloos

Me About To Enter The Freezing Water

The Crown In The Safe Of The Rosenberg Treasury

All The Logos Of The Company Lego

Me On A Snow Mobile

Me In A Shop

Santa’s Post Office

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Today, I had lunch at the famous restaurant Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA. Which was rewarded with 3 Michelin stars. It’s located at the Alexander House, Central District, Hong Kong. The food was delicious, very much worth the 4 month wait.
I ordered an organic egg with Parma ham, mashed potato, and wild mushrooms as my appetizer, veal with black truffle and mixed greens as my main course, and a triple chocolate (ice cream, tart and mousse) as my desert.
The organic egg tasted amazing! It was very soft and the vegetable flavored mashed potatoes, the unique piece of Parma ham and the amazing sauce on the mushrooms only made it much better.
The mushroom soup my mom ordered was also worth mentioning. It was creamy, but not too creamy. And the warm aroma that wafted around it was something that was out-of-this-world!
Also, I really loved the black truffle! It smelled and tasted like heaven! Put on top of a piece of perfect veal. Miraculous!
Here are some pictures from my dining experience!

FUN FACT:  Did you know that Chef Bombana owns multiple Michelin starred restaurants? From the one starred “The Drawing Room” to the “8 1/2 Shanghai”?




Finishing The Children Of The Red King Series

Recently, I have been reading a very good series called The Children Of The Internet. I really enjoyed reading about the main character Charlie Bone and his endowment ( power ), which is traveling into pictures and paintings. It also talks about other characters like Gabriel Silk, who can feel other’s emotions through their clothing, Billy Raven, who talks to animals, Fidelio Gunn, a musical genius, Benjamin Brown, an ordinary kid and many many more. I really enjoyed reading the series and I especially loved the last book because of the huge war that took place between the evil characters like Manfred Bloor, his grandfather Ezkiel, Titiana Tilpin, Count Harken, Lord Grimwald and many others.