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What Are Memories?

We talk about memories all the time, but what are memories? Memories are times or events that you remember, often because of strong emotions related to them. Memories affect your decisions, your ways of thinking and your personality in general. Memories do so because you gain memories every day of your life, and your memories can be good or bad. If they are good, you tend to do what you did when something similar happens, but if it was bad, you won’t.

For example, someone could have stolen a loaf of bread and gotten away with it, if they do it again and still get away with it. They probably will keep stealing. But if he did get caught, he wouldn’t steal again. So sometimes bad memories help you grow as a person, and good memories make you a worse person. Another example would be if someone trips and someone else goes to help, but the first person says the second person tripped them, the second person wouldn’t help people anymore. So a bad memory can also make you a worse person.

Anyways, I hope you’ve learned something from this post about memories!

What I Learned About Sharing Creative Works

After watching a youtube video called Sharing Creative Works: An Illustrated And Narrated Primer, I learned a few things. Mainly, I learned that anyone could get a Creative Commons license, and that there were 6 kinds of licenses. I found the video very informative but also quite entertaining.

Before, I thought Creative Commons licenses had to be earned, and to earn it your work had to be exceptional and then you would be awarded one. But now I know all your work can get a Creative Commons license. I also didn’t know that there were 6 kinds! I thought that there as only one kind.

Something else I learned was that your work is immediately protected by the fair use law. So I don’t have to worry about people copying and pasting my writing anymore! (Haha) But I don’t know why various online news magazines have the same article about new TV shows. So does that break the fair use law?

Anyways, I hope you’ve learned something from this post! Here is the video:

Add Your Own Ending!

From this picture, I’ve created the beginning of a story called Trouble At The Expo. The picture is of a station of the Singapore MRT station near the expo. You have to write the ending and I will choose the best answer later.

Photo Credit: Calvin Teo (Wikimedia Commons)

Trouble At The Expo
As Justin walked off the MRT, he saw his class. His teacher Ms. Song had arranged this trip, but she wasn’t there because she was sick, very sick. His parents said goodbye as he walked to the substitute, who told him to call her Mrs. Davis. And soon, they walked to the expo. The expo was showcasing the newest car ever invented… But as they entered, alarms started to sound. The greatest car ever had been stolen! The police immediately came to the scene and searched everyone there. But it was no use. How could someone hide such a massive thing? It was impossible! And Justin was determined to find out who did such an impressive feat…

So! Write your own ending in the comments, and whoever writes the best one will get some recognition from a blog post I write. Anyways, enjoy writing your own ending!

A Jigsaw Puzzle For You!

Hi! I just made a jigsaw puzzle with 50 pieces using Jigsaw Planet. The photo I used was of some artwork I made a while back using Doodle Dandy. Some of the pieces are rotated, so it might be quite hard. Anyways, I think you’ll enjoy it, and I think you’ll like the artwork. (Doodle Dandy is downloadable from the App Store)
preview48 pieceArtwork Puzzle By Felix

A Poem From An Image

Today, I am going to share a poem from a picture I found by using Creative Commons. I searched the word “image” on the Creative Commons search and found this picture of pyramids. I hope you enjoy this free verse poem.

Photo Credit: Riclib (Wikimedia Commons)
High above the desert,
the pyramids stand.
Where ancient kings lay,
with treasures long forgotten.
High above the desert,
the pyramids stand.
Mummies haunt,
Robbers steal.
High above the desert,
The pyramids stand.

A Story From A Picture

Hi! Welcome to a post in which I write a short story from this picture! I hope you enjoy it!

Photo Credit: Let Ideas Compete via Compfight

As the class piled off the bus to the rocky grounds of the Chi Mountains, the fish in the nearby river were swimming and the animals in the forests were waking up. Everything seemed perfect, and Jim knew that this was going to be the best trip of his life. He has been preparing for this trip for so long! And it was finally going to happen! The kayaking, the fishing and best of all, the hot air balloon ride! They were then going to camp near the river and have s’mores by a campfire.

Mrs. Roberts took the supplies out of the bus, and they set off! Mrs. Roberts was a tall woman, and she wore the strangest of glasses, and she seemed to never run out of new ones! She gave everyone in the class packs with notebooks and other supplies in them while they walked to a round patch in the ground, where a bright red hot air balloon was waiting.

Robert really wanted to go on, and he ran on board when Mrs. Roberts said “Children! You may now board the hot air balloon!” But Robert then found out he had a fear, a fear that he had never known about before. And as the hot air balloon started to rise, he shouted “Stop! I’m scared of heights!”

So the hot air balloon lowered itself and Jim slowly walked off, tears were rushing down his face as Mrs. Roberts came after him. “Jim,” she said “would you like to go on the hot air balloon?”

“Yes, but I’m scared of heights, so I’ll never be able to.” He replied.

“Well, you could close your eyes, and when we get up, you won’t be scared.” Mrs. Roberts whispered

“Fine, but once, only once.”

So they went back on, and Jim closed his eyes, and when he opened them, the hot air balloon was soaring above the beautiful landscape, and Jim’s fears went away so quickly he was running around and taking pictures in less than a minute. And after that, Jim was never afraid of heights again.

A Story Of Pictures

Hi! Right now, I am going to tell you a story using 5 pictures I found using Creative Commons. I would like you to guess what the story is, and here is a hint: “I’m getting what I’ve always wanted!”. You can leave in the comments what you think it’s telling, and use random names for characters.

Photo Credit: Green Lane (Wikimedia Commons)

Photo Credit: Bertilvidet (Wikimedia Commons)

Photo Credit: Watershed Post (Flickr)

Photo Credit: Alvesgaspar (Wikimedia Commons)

Photo Credit: Richard Kelland

Zoom Out

Hi! This week’s posts will be less about words, and more about pictures! In this post, I would like you to write comments below that zoom out of the picture and tell a story, only write around 1 paragraph so other people can continue the story. Remember to read previous comments so you can continue the story! After I get around 10 comments, I will end the story.

There are some rules for this though, and I hope that you will read them carefully and follow them.
1. Please respect other people’s cultures when you continue the story
2. Please use kind and appropriate words
3. Make sure your part of the story makes sense (It can have fantasy but keep to the story)

So, have fun zooming out of this picture! (Hint: Pandas)

Photo Credt: http://zoorescue.blogspot.hk/2012/10/animals-wallpapers.html (Found Using Creative Commons)