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The SIS Elementary Art Show

Today, 4th and 5th grade took a field trip to the Zai Gallery, which was showcasing artwork from every student at Shekou International School! I thought it was really cool to have my artwork hanging in a gallery, and I had 2 pieces of artwork being showcased at the gallery! I saw so much amazing artwork from everyone in Elementary School, and I even saw a few pieces from teachers!

My Zentangle Jaguar

My Spray Paint Self Portrait
My two pieces were pretty cool, and one was a project in which I carved my face by tracing it from a picture, and then I spray painted over the lines in the paper, and I decorated the new special watercolor paper with spray paint! Another one was of a jaguar in which I zentangled, which is just controlled doodling!

Some of the other amazing pieces I saw were group projects. The horse with Chinese words on it was inspired by ancient Chinese brush writing, and was created at an assembly in which I played the xylophone to accompany the students who were painting this horse. The large butterfly was a piece where students, including my best friend Boey, decorated a huge sketch of a butterfly with pictures of memories for SIS’s 25th anniversary!

The 25th Anniversary Butterfly

The Assembly Horse

The gallery that showcased our artwork was the Zai Gallery, and it was really cool! The walls were all made of bricks, but were painted white, which made them look very elegant and nice! Here are some pictures of the gallery!



Some of the other pictures were of ‘painting with lights’. Everyone did one of those! But not all of them were showcased. People created orbs, wings and wrote their names using little lights and took pictures in dark rooms, which was quite cool. I didn’t get to do one because I was making my zentangle, but I heard it was really cool!

There were also pointillism paintings, contour line drawings, spray paint drawings, and all kinds of other projects! It was a really cool experience, and I felt that it was really interesting to have our artwork being put into a gallery! I was really inspired by a painting that was inspired by another drawing by a student in the ECLC, or Early Childhood Learning Center though, which was very well drawn, but also looked like the original. I wondered how the two pieces could be similar, yet different. I was also inspired by my friend Jackie’s great picture of a old Chinese man, we were doing pictures of body parts but I guess Jackie didn’t have time because he was new! Anyways, here are the pictures of the pieces.

The Grade 3 Group Project

A Skull Pointillism Painting

Jackie’s Chinese Man

The Drawing Inspired By Someone In ECLC

Anyways, I had a great time at the gallery, and hope you like some of the amazing artwork I was blessed with being able to see!

Tang Poems/唐诗

Today in Chinese class, we learned all about Tang Poems. There are two kinds of tang poems, and they are the Lushi and the Jueju. The Lushi is a poem that has 8 lines, a famous Lushi is the poem Chun Wang, which is a 7 character Lushi, with seven Chinese characters in each line. Chun Wang is a poem about war in the eyes of a poet, here is a definition of the first two lines.
Chun Wang
My country has been destroyed, but the mountains and rivers remain,
When spring comes, trees and weeds grow as always.

Juejus have 5 lines, and each line can be 5 or 7 lines. A famous Jueju is Wang Lushan Pu Bu, which has 5 characters in every line. It is about a waterfall which is described by the extremely famous poet Li Bai. Here are the first two lines.
Wang Lushan Pu Bu
The sun shines as purple air rises out of furnaces,
I look at the Lushan waterfall from far away.

唐诗有2种,绝句与律诗。 绝句和律诗也有两种,五言和七言的。绝句是一个有5句的诗,五言绝句里每句有5个字,而七言绝句里每句有七个字。律诗里有7句,五言律诗里每句有5个字,七言绝句每句有7个字。春望是一首关于战争的诗。这是第一二句:

Lushan Waterfall/庐山瀑布