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The Bee Movie – How It Relates To The Economy

Today our class watched a movie called The Bee Movie, in which bees sue human beings for taking their honey illegally. The movie had quite clear relations to the economy, uneven distribution of resources, unfair trade and even human resources/forced labour. Although the main purpose of the movie was to entertain young people, the movie also showed examples of various economical issues that countries and international corporations have.


The movie was focused on bees that worked all their lives to make honey, and humans taking the honey away from them without their knowledge and permission. That can be connected to forced labour, with the bees being the human resources, and the humans being wealthy buisness owners (technically, the humans WERE wealthy business owners).

Another connection I made from the movie is that if 1 part of the economy stops working, in this case the producers of honey (bees), there could be disastrous effects. Although the movie was extremely exaggerated, it clearly showed that even 1 tiny part of our economy (environment in the movie), could change things massively.

The movie also showed unfair trade and uneven distribution of resources when the humans had most of the honey, but the very makers of the honey were overworked, and didn’t even have most of the products they produced! This is actually a clear sign of the uneven distribution, and also the unfair trade between humans and bees.

Anyways, the movie was generally entertaining, although extremely impossible (I didn’t even count the talking animals!), and there was a lot of conflict in the movie, with bees using the humans towards the end, but it ended in peace, and the bees returned the flowers, but also learned to rest more.

My 5 Favorite Apps/Web Tools

I really love how we can do things much quicker now with the iPad, MacBook, PC and all kinds of other technology. I also love the tools that come with these devices. So today, I’m going to write about my 5 favorite web tools/apps! Please note that the order they come in are random, I like them all equally.

1. Pages
Pages is a wonderful writing tool. On pages, you can create posters, letters, business cards and all kinds of other things very easily! It’s very similar to Microsoft word, but I find it better because it is accessible on many devices. Pages costs money though, but it’s really worth it! Some people say it’s expensive, but you can probably make that decision with your parents. The cost is $9.99 (USD) and in my opinion, it’s quite reasonable.


2. Keynote
Keynote is also an app made by Apple, and costs the same as pages. Keynote is a presentation tool that makes amazing presentations. With keynote, you can use different themes, have animations, add videos and add pictures to make your presentation as good as it can be. Again, similar to PowerPoint, but still more accessible. I usually use Keynote for school projects, but you can make some for leisure too! (things you believe in, things you want to change, etc.)


3. Evernote
Evernote is an UTTERLY AMAZING note taking tool. With an account, you can sync all your notes onto other devices and other Evernote apps. Evernote allows you to make notebooks and fill them with notes, and within those notes you can add PDFs, pictures and videos. You can also upgrade your account to get better features. I have to admit, it lags like crazy sometimes, and duplicates what you write 4-5 times. Which can be very annoying. But it’s a very good note-taking app for those who need one.


4. Numbers
Another Apple-made app, numbers can make graphs, sheets, lists, plans and other things related to numbers in really soon. I have a nice graph to make sure I turn in all my chinese homework on this. And I think it’s had nice results. It also costs 9.99, but is super useful for those who like to map out stuff or make lists and graphs. Sometimes, I just like to play around with numbers because it’s quite fun to make lists for random stuff.


5. Popplet
-Paid & Free-
Popplet is a mind-mapping app that can be used online, and with the apps. The lite version only allows 5 popplet a to be made. But you have unlimited ones with the full version. The online site for popplet is better for those PC or MacBook users, but the app is much better for people with smaller devices. I like popplet because I can make cool brainstorms and I can use it to map out books by writing character traits and linking them to the character.
Popplet Site


Well, that’s it for this post. And I hope you’ll check out these apps.

My Digital Footprint

For my second post about digital footprints, I will be writing about my own. Sometimes I think that my digital footprint is fine, sometimes I don’t. It seems like the internet is a gigantic bee hive. And everyone has a place in it, no matter if you like it or not. Sometimes it even scares me how anyone can find information about you by just typing a few words on a keyboard.

My digital footprints is quite good, but it has some things in it that are no so good. Usually, my comments, tweets, searches and other things I do online are kind, but they aren’t always that good. Sometimes I can be sarcastic, mean and grouchy online. And I’ll admit to those mistakes I’ve done. I’ve even been banned from a minecraft server for being mean! But generally, my digital footprint is pretty good. Whenever I make mistakes, I try to do better the next time. I usually learn from my mistakes, but in the rare cases I don’t, I always get a punishment.

I tried searching myself and several of my account names on google, and I’ve found that a lot of information about me is online, so I’ve set a goal to try to stop having to have all of this information for people to see. And I have to say that I’m proud of myself that I made sure my twitter name is Felix Da Cat, and doesn’t have my last name on it.

Anyways, thanks for reading this post! And make sure YOUR digital footprint is positive!