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Goal Analysis

Because 2013 is coming to an end, I decided to analyze my long-term goal. I set it long ago in a conference with my mom and Mrs. Huiet. We decided on one academic and one social goal. I looked at all of my daily goals, saw if they were connected to my long term goal, analyzed my long term goal and wrote a through reflection on it. Here it is!
During this trimester, I set one social and one academic goal. My goals were to make at one good friend, and write a peice of writing I truly cared about. I set around 40 goals this trimester but only around 15 of them were related to my long-term goal. The reason for this was because I achieved the only goal I could set daily goals for very early on. That was the social goal. And for my academic goal, I could only do what the entire class was doing. But I still achieved both.
I achieved my social goal because I made instant friends with a few people in the class. And managed to make friends with a few I had a rough start with. I did this by compromising and being nice. I also tried to solve problems nicely and not be a loud person.
I achieved my academic goal by really writing from my heart. I wrote a very emotional I am from poem. I wrote things and people I was from. And while writing it, I thought about all the things I loved and it made me very happy.
This is my long-term goal analysis.


Yesterday, we started learning about Tessellations. Tessellations are patterns made with shapes. Patterns that are tessellations cannot have gaps and they cannot overlap unless they were put there purposefully. Most tessellations only have polygons. But sometimes they also have circles and other strange shapes. There are natural tessellations and man-made tessellations.
Here are a few tessellations I made.




The Civilizations Keynote Presentation

On November 18th, I presented a keynote to a group of “nomads”, aka forth graders about how to start their own civilization. I had a slide about each of the ten cultural universals (Basic needs, economy, government etc.) and an additional slide about expansion and decline. I wrote notes for my slides, researched and found examples of civilizations from history and found really good picture.I thought I did a good job and am proud of myself. Here is my reflection on the steps I did to finish this presentation. They are research, planning, creation and presenting. Here are some things I did well and some things I need to improve on.
During research, I spent a long time trying to find a good source. Although at the end I found one, I could have asked for advice for some sources so I could have more time for actual research. I also think that during research, I should have looked at the author and the site before I used the information.
Some things that I did well were paraphrasing and writing a bibliography. I had the correct format for all my information. I am also proud of how hard I worked because I did research for an hour each night. I also think that I was good at using information. Because I all my information was quite interesting.
During planning, I drew a very in-depth plan that I followed while creating my keynote. My plan had all my slides in order and all the words and pictures and where they were going to be. Planning was one of the most important parts because if I didn’t have a good plan, the next steps would be very hard. I am also proud of my notes for my script. I put a lot of effort into them.
What I did that needed improvement was that my script for the first few slides were too hard. So I had to shorten them to make them a lot better. I think that I wrote a long script because I wanted to share too much information and it might have been overwhelming for the audience.
Keynote Creation
During the creation of my keynote, I spent a long time finding pictures and writing long bibliographies. But I also spent a long time choosing the right design. And I think that I picked the absolutely amazing industrial theme, and I used contrast and alignment for my words and pictures to make sure they looked fine. I also used cool animations that made my keynote better. I am proud of my keynote and I can see the effort I put into it. Something I need to work on was not spending too much time with fancy animations and cool fonts. I should have done more important things like finding pictures. But I still got everything done.
During my presentation, I think was loud and clear. I also presented with a nice pace. I enjoyed presenting and was proud of myself. I got a lot of positive feedback and I learned a lot about presenting.
But I did get a piece of negative feedback. It said I was very quiet and that I didn’t do good. So I hope that I can satisfy the person (whoever he/she was) the next time I present.

My Commenting Page

I reviewed my commenting page this morning and I felt that it was important that I write a blog post telling you how much it means to me if you read it. I think you should really read it because it took me a lot of time to write it and I hope that my hard work is not for nothing. I also hope that you read it because it might help you become a much better commenter. If you dislike anything about that page, you can comment on that too! (Just in case you didn’t know)

The Foodies ASA

Today was the last lesson of my favorite ASA, the foodies. I really enjoyed it because we made a variety of different foods from many different countries. I also really liked it because it was amazing fun.
We made things like Omelets, Thai noodle salads, quiches, cheese muffins and chocolate desserts. I also liked it because Ms. Walsh, who taught us, was very nice and very strict about safety.
Although I didn’t get into foodies for trimester 2, I definitely want to come back for trimester 3!

20131114-160229.jpgChocolate Dessert

My Math Reflection For Unit 2

My Unit 2 Math Reflection
I am good at doing most of the thing taught during this unit. But on my assessment, due to my lack of double-checking, I made some very very silly mistakes. For example, I added when I was supposed to subtract. From now on, I will start double-checking all my tests. And to practice, I will double-check all my homework, math pages and math boxes. I hope I do not make silly mistakes on the next test.
I think that I am best at using the traditional method with addition because to me, it is easier and simpler. I like the lattice method for multiplication because I think it is quite fun and I like counting up for subtraction because I can go negative. I also like making estimates, especially magnitude estimates because they are very very easy for me.
During this unit, I learned the counting up method for subtraction and a few other things. The counting up method uses negative numbers and is quite complex, so I like it very much. I also learned about open sentences, I knew about them and how to write them, but I always called them XY sentences, and now I know the real name for those sentences.
I really enjoyed this unit and I am quite embarrassed about the silly mistakes I made.

Making Omelets

Last week, at the Foodies Club ASA, I made an omelet with 2 friends. It had green peppers, onions and cheese. First, it was really easy. Cutting the vegetables, putting the cheese into a cup, cracking the eggs went by in a blur. But then came cooking it. We didn’t have a pan, so we used a pot. It was so hard! I kept getting help from Mrs Walsh, so I was fine but we failed miserably and we decided the only way to save it was to make it into scrambled eggs. At the end, it was a really delicious scrambled egg and I really loved it.

Murder At Midnight

Last week, Mrs. Huiet put Boey, Than, Leo and I into a book club. We got to choose a book from a selection that Mrs. Huiet provided. We chose the book Murder At Midnight because the cover painting was really cool.
Mrs. Huiet told us to read four chapters and predict, interact with the text, which means jot down notes about things that you want to share with the group, and summarize at the end. The book’s main characters are Fabrizio, Maria Zeanzi, Prince Cosimo, Count Scarazoni and Master Mangus. King Claudio, Magistrato DeLaBina and Mistress Sophia are also important characters. I really liked the book and it showed what people would do for their own gain. It was very shocking and carefully written, so I really loved the book.

Here are my summaries for chapters 1-4, chapters 5-8 and chapters 9-12:

Chapters 1-4
After reading the first 4 chapters of the book, I think this book will be a very good book. I really like the way the writer writes realistically, instead of having real magic. I also like how the text font changes when someone is thinking and at the beggining of the paragraph.
In the first 4 chapters, a boy name Fabrizio is introduced. He is an orphan and is working as a servant in a magician’s household. The magician doesn’t like him, though his wife does. When his wife, mistress Sophia leaves to care for her sick sister, Fabrizio takes her place collecting coins at Master Magnus, the magician’s show. Where Magnus reveals that magic is fake. The next day, a prosecutor named DeLaBina comes and accuses Magnus of duplicating a message to overthrow the king. And Fabrizio says that Magnus does do magic, even when Magnus denies. And Magnus is tasked to find the man behind the note or will die.

Chapters 5-8
In these four chapters, Fabrizio is sent out to collect the papers, but DeLaBina has him taken to the court house and frames him of giving the papers to people. In the court house, the king, Count Scarazoni and Prince Cosimo don’t give him the chance to speak and Prince Cosimo orders the guards to execute Fabrizio.

Chapters 9-12
In these four chapters, Fabrizio escapes from the executioner Agrippa by pretending to read a message from the king and telling Agrippa to spare him. On his way out of the Hall of Justice, Fabrizio enters a cell in hopes to find a prisoner who can help him get out, but instead gets him trapped in the cell. In the meantime, DeLaBina enters the cell and it is revealed that DeLaBina wants Mangus to say that it is Count Scarazoni who ordered Mangus to create the papers.

Here is a picture of the book:


The Silk Road

Last week, my chinese class started a project about the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a route that the Chinese government sold silk to other countries used around 1,000 years ago. Tea, metals and silk and many more items were sold in exchange for gold, diamonds, instruments, carrot seeds and many other items.
I am working on the history part of this project and my job is to write a simple introduction to the Silk Road in Chinese and English. I really think the Silk Road is very interesting.