STEAM Problem Solving Process

Summary of project:  For our first project on STEAM, my team and I (Jade and Eva) we’re supposed to 1) Build a robot out of legos 2) Set up Mindstorm EV3 for the code to insert into the robot we built.

The goal was to get our robot from point A to point B.  We could only use the code we would generate on my computer to make the robot proceed to point B.

Eva was in charge with building the robot; Jade and I we’re in charge of getting the right materials to provide for Eva.

3 classes later, I set up my computer for Lego Mindstorms to build the code needed for the objective.  After that, Eva and Jade went to the track to calculate their measurements while I would edit the code.  Between finishing the robot and setting the code, we had minor issues with our robot.  Apparently we were using the wrong folder for our code.


At the end of the project, our robot got to the closet to the line.

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