STEAM Rubric Problem Solving process

For our Unit Project, we handled with lego robotics.  My group started to handle with ultrasonic wave sensors.  Ultrasonic waves are waves at a frequency we, humans can’t hear.  These waves are sent out, but when an object is hit by these waves they bounce off back to the thing that sent the waves.  This is a technique used in eco-location, now, eco-location is used by different types of animals such as bats and dolphins.  Animals use eco-location to give them a clear overview of their surroundings.  And this is being used to develop cars which can send waves to detect if anything is in the cars’ way.  With this tech being developed, we (humans) are a step closer to having safer roads.

Now, moving on to the lego robotics.  The goal of this project was to get the ultrasonic sensor to work by putting a solid object in it’s way to see if it stopped or not.  As we were on the testing grounds, we stumbled upon a problem.  Our lego brain block that stored the code for our ultrasonic test was having some errors in operating the test.  Our robot would keep bumping into things; the sensor didn’t seem to work.  Our group tried many things to solve this big issue.  We tried to restart our brain block, we checked if the wheels were rubbing on the end, we also rewired the cables connecting to the motors and sensor.  We were more focusing on the physical robot itself, but not on the code we downloaded.  After that, We tried to download the code to our brain again.  And what do you know? It worked.  To be honest, it was very frustrating to find a solution to the error we had, because we tried all the possible solutions, but we thought harder and soon figured out what the problem was.

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