Stability and Change

While we were studying about the meiosis procces, I learned that it can really affect how someone is going to life their lives. Your great grandparents might not seem really important to you now; however, if you were to think that according to how they lived their lives might affect how you have to live […]



On the first day of school Mr. Hennigar made it really clear that he would not explain things to us using a lot of words, or give us a lot of information at once. He lied, in many classes our heads almost exploded from a lot of information; however, in afew days we didn’t do […]

Structure and Function

The first thing we studied about in the year was cells. We did a less than a minute video about one specific cell. I chose the cell rough endoplasmic reticulum, or as it is mostly known for RER. To do the video I had to do reasearch about this cell, try to find pictures, and […]

Analyzing and Interpreting Data

In the begginig of the school year we had to do a project, where we could choose between the type of project you wanted to do. I chose doing a poster that explained about DNA, Proteins and Chromosomes. As this project happened at one of the first weeks of school I didn’t have a lot […]

Application of Knowledge

Application of Knowledge

Angelman syndrome – Application of Knowledge We had to do a presentation about our syndome, I chose the angelman syndrome. For this project I had to study and understand what this syndrome was and it’s causes to do the keynote. One thing that really helped me to put everything together and have a better understanding […]

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