Application of Knowledge & Analyzing and Interpreting Data – ENVIRONMENT V.S GENETICS ESSAY – PERSONALITY


This essay was the product of discussion and attentive research, regarding the topic of how personalities are shaped. There are two sides included in the essay, environment, and genetics. My viewpoint on this topic is that BOTH has an influence on people’s personalities. This essay displays application of knowledge due to the fact that the essay was written in class in a short period of time. This means that in order to write this essay, I have to applicate the information and knowledge I have obtained throughout my research, and transform it into a well structured persuasive writing piece. I utilized the facts and data in my research and applicated it within my essay to help clarify and strengthen my claims. I have to logically place the knowledge into sentences so that it made sense when read by others.

To interpret the data that I have researched, I had to understand what the data was suggesting and how it could be used as strong evidence within my essay. I was able to properly analyze and interpret the data as you can tell in my essay and applied it as a part of knowledge after the data have been fully processed.

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