There are three sections of notes shown above.

  1. The first picture is of my meiosis notes/model. It’s almost like a flipbook, but with a lot more notes on the side (extra details!). I made sure not to include too many details in the diagram so I could understand what was happening when I used it later on. Yet, I also made sure to have enough drawings to sufficiently cover all the important elements of meiosis. These notes were extremely helpful later on, as I used them to work on my meiosis final.
  2. The second and third pictures are of my Cell Mitosis Flipbook. Flipbooks aren’t meant to have tons of notes, so I had to choose my sentences wisely. The pictures following each step of mitosis is a much simpler version of the real thing, because lots of details aren’t going to fit into a tiny circle drawing. I chose this to represent “Modelling”, because it is a model which was quite essential during the unit.
  3. The third and final model is of how DNA helps create proteins. This was one of my first models during the unit, so it can show how my models have changed over time. This model is short, but it’s able to tell a complicated story in just a few words.

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